February 13, 2013

50 Unique Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is tomorrow which means millions of couples all over the country will be on the lookout for out-of the-ordinary, not-the-common-go-out-to dinner-date-night ideas. Besides, most restaurants will be fully-booked you might not even dine at your favorite one unless you booked a month before. No worries. Here are 50 unique "date" activities that will guarantee you'll have some lovey-dovey time in no time!

  1. Get a Swedish massage together.
  2. Take a Tai Chi class.
  3. Watch a play at the Opera.
  4. Spend a night at a Winery Villa.
  5. Go rollerskating.
  6. Do Bird watching at a nature preserve.
  7. Take a stroll at the park.
  8. Go Glamping.
  9. Walk on a trail.
  10. Go Kayaking.
  11. Dine on a rooftop.
  12. Go river canoeing.
  13. Visit an art exhibit.
  14. Go dancing.
  15. Take a painting lesson.
  16. Check into a hotel.
  17. Go skiing.
  18. Stay in a cabin.
  19. Go to a circus.
  20. Bake a cake.
  21. Go to a wine-tasting.
  22. Go to the movies.
  23. Rent a movie and cuddle in the couch.
  24. Get a mani and pedi.
  25. Go to an aquarium.
  26. Visit a new bar in town.
  27. Watch the stars.
  28. Go to an amusement park.
  29. Visit a botanical garden.
  30. Watch planes at an airport overlook.
  31. Go to an ice cream shop.
  32. Chill in a coffee shop.
  33. Visit the public library.
  34. Shop for new lingeries.
  35. Eat Sushi and sample sake around town.
  36. Picnic at a park.
  37. Take a day trip to a famous attraction.
  38. Attend a photography workshop.
  39. Go sailing.
  40. Have a sexy photo shoot.
  41. Spend a quiet time at the beach.
  42. Dine at a fancy restaurant at a hotel.
  43. Play mini-golf.
  44. Do yoga together.
  45. Go to a Spa.
  46. Cook your Fancy Valentine's day meal together.
  47. Go bowling.
  48. Window shop for your new geek gadgets.
  49. Go hiking.
  50. If all else fail don't appeal to you, just spend the Valentine's day in your room and do you-know-what! 


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