May 29, 2012

An Exclusive Sneak Peek Inside Disney's New Art of Animation Resort

Ever get that overwhelmingly good feeling inside that's just about enough to make you burst with delight? Kinda like when you're boyfriend or husband surprises you with an exclusive Dooney and Bourke Disney bag - yes, I really do need to insert that in here and hoping my husband reads this and gets the hint - but you do get what I mean! The thrill of something new and exciting and fabulous. This is how I felt when I got an exclusive sneak peek inside the new resort at Disney world's Art of Animation Resort! You would too if you saw what I saw AND getting to do that before it even opened up to the public! Admit it, bragging rights is agreeably like getting an expensive bag at times. Not the same but close.

There's also a lot to be excited about this resort. Besides being it at Disney, on its property, with all the perks of being within the property, it is, well, NEW! Like having a new car, without the new car smell! And since Nemo Suites opens this May, first guests gets first dibs of the highly-decorative and themed resort rooms with all it's luxurious appearance and amenities! It's so new it's like breaking in a new car or horse! Best of all, the resort looks nothing like a value resort! WIN! I'm almost envious of the first occupants of those rooms. Ah joy!
This is a magic bed. Watch the video below to find out why!

Eitherway, not to leave you clueless about what I'm rambling endlessly about, here is an exclusive sneak peek inside these excitably new resort. Oogle and drool as much as you want. You're allowed! 

Needless to say, I'm personally excited to experience Art of Animation as a guest and splash on that awesome pool like Ariel and maybe swim like Nemo? You bet!

Excited yet? You should be!

And my little bag scheming strategy? We'll see. I have to cross my fingers, toes, eyes and legs on this one. In the meantime, I'll dream...

**The private tour was provided by Disney World as part of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration experience**


  1. Love the video! It was so much fun seeing you and sharing this experience with our families. Looking forward to more of your videos, especially the Trek with TechyDad ;)

  2. Love the photos and the video. You have me dreaming of a trip back there and a stay at this resort!


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