July 20, 2011

Can You Live A Life Without TV?

From an avid reader:
Dear Maricris,
Is it possible to exist in this day and age without TV? - Marlene, NC

First off, who in this world would elect to NOT have TV in their house? Certainly NOT YOU, right? Well... ME. I know what you're thinking. You must think I'm bunch of crazies! In this generation, NOT having TV is unreal. Unimaginable. Absurd. Well, truth be told, in my house, we're not so crazy about TV. Though giving it up, took a lot of debate. No, we were not aiming to mimic Colin Beavan, the No impact Man or even remotely trying to live off of the grid - that's just too much work and sacrifice involved that we can't afford right now. This one, sort of happened... and you know what's weird? It does feel kind of... good.

No TV. No Entertainment. My life is over! False.
  • Sure, I'm not updated on what's going on in and around the news but heck, who needs these crappy news each day anyway? They certainly don't add value to my everyday living. If for anything, they just upsets me. My life can be better without them, thank you.
  • Sure, I don't get to watch popular TV shows. Well, you know what? It's OK. I don't watch them anyway. The only time I would turn on a TV to watch something is on Wednesdays to watch Ghost Hunters - If I ever remember. And then again, I can always watch them online. Win!
So, TV got booted out of this house! Best about it? I've got one less bill to pay for cable and all that show I don't watch!

Convinced yet? Well, before you say, ridiculous! Not having TV doesn't mean the end of the world. There's plenty of options. For some boob-tube time when we crave it, we get our fix via Netflix. On the iPad. And on my laptop. Cool thing about it? We pay less or nothing at all. Also plenty of free full episodes online.

I can advocate to say yes! to NO TV in your house and save money but then again, you're probably not as crazy or weird as we! Or not as NOT-so-crazy-with-TV like we...whichever is more appropriate.

I used to be skeptical but hey, it CAN work and so far we don't miss "the TV"! So in answer to the question, yes it is possible to exist in this day and age without TV - possibilities are endless - just know where to look!

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