December 23, 2017

All Things Wonderful at Carowinds Winterfest

The much-awaited Carowinds Winterfest has finally opened its enchanting door to bring delight, entertainment and tons of Winter wonderland fun to the whole family. If you haven't visited yet, here's an inside look at the fun stuffs to be had at this magical attraction at the park. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, so, feast your eyes!

December 22, 2017

Unique Handmade Collectible Gifts at Carowinds Winterfest Artisan Alley

After 12 years, Winterfest finally made its magical winter wonderland way back to Carowinds to offer fun and enchantment to each and everyone. An attraction that have been much-anticipated by those who experienced it in 2005, like me - its first and last year. Now the great thing about this year's Winterfest is that it's bigger, it's brighter and it offers more fun options for the family - including an Artisan Alley featuring unique handmade items from local and small business owner designers!

Fun and shopping rolled into one
What more can you ask for? Fun at the park and shopping! These unique items are a great buy even if you're not looking for something special for holiday gifts. Some of them are just worth having. The Artisans will be there until December 30th so, check them out and show them love and support by purchasing an item or two!

October 19, 2017

5 Myths We Busted At Scarowinds

In the Carolinas, Scarowinds is the ultimate Halloween fun destination where every year, people flock to the park to partake in its yearly transformation from a theme park to a "scream park". However, that wasn't the case for me and my family. For a little scream-worthy confession, I will tell you that for years, we avoided it like a plague - this I'm totally blaming the "chickens" for! Yes, you know, them chickens. Those that instill their fear on you. I bet you know a few of them too.

Now before you go all Judge-y, judge-y with us and the level of our scare meter, you should know that we do love scary schtuffs too. A lot. But, back then, we also have a valid reason for not going, AKA my child was too young and we were afraid there were nothing fun for us there at all. Talk about being misinformed! Then there's the, we kinda, sorta, you know, lost track and kept missing it every year... But, not this year! - oh boy! We missed out on a lot...darn chickens! 

September 18, 2017

How to Make the Most of Your Vacation by Staying In a Mountain Cabin

Sparkling waters of Lake Lure

If there is one thing interesting that we learned this year about vacation travel it's that, travelers are greatly influenced by the weather. It predetermines where they go, geographically. A factor we utilized in deciding where we should go for our mini-Summer vacation destination this year - away from where the swarm goes... the mountains!

So while the swarm heads to the coast, we headed up to meet the mountain fairies!

August 17, 2017

Enjoy The Last Days of Summer at Carowinds Carolina Harbor

The countdown begins until Summer bids us yet again, "adieu!" for the season. But, while the heat lingers and the kids are still home for Summer vacation, taking advantage of Carowinds Carolina Harbor while it's still open is your best approach to saying farewell to Summer, which is likewise, a fun way to start your kids off as they go back to school.

May 20, 2017

Welcome Summer with a Huge Splash at Carowinds Carolina Harbor Water Park

Carolina Harbor Water park officially opened it's gates to water-loving Carolinians today. A refreshing treat to welcome the arrival of Summer and its sometimes searing southern heat. The park comes to life to help you quench the heat - or drench it - whichever fits, even before it's officially Summer! So, you can just say "Summer, bring it on!"  - Carowind's got you covered.

April 19, 2017

Experience the Thrill of the Past at Carowinds New County Fair

Carowinds County Fair officially opened on March 25 of this year, with a promise that it will take you back in time to experience the good 'ol rides that brought tons of fun and excitement for the whole family in the olden county fairs of the past. My family and I had the opportunity to visit Carowinds on Easter weekend and witnessed the 4 classic rides of the newest attraction of the park in action.

Be prepared to have fun.

April 13, 2017

Carowinds Easter Eggstravaganza - A Fun Easter Destination For Family on Staycation

For families like us whose chosen option for their Spring vacation is your good ol' reliable Staycation - it shouldn't mean stuck bored at home. As a matter of fact, it's far from it. Staying local gives you the opportunity to discover, or rediscover the beauty of your own backyard, so to speak, and experience the fun choices available, right at your fingertips! Fun options like Carowinds Easter Eggstravaganza and their special Easter Day Brunch, new this year for 2017.

March 15, 2017

Hamilton Is Finally Coming To Charlotte - Locally Handmade Hamilton-Inspired Creations Are Ready For It!

It's awesome that Hamilton is finally coming to Charlotte! I could not wait and I have more than one reason for being so.

Since the end of last year, I had not one iota of clue what Hamilton is all about and why everyone's going crazy about it. I decided to "investigate" and voila! A new inspiration to create Hamilton-inspired items for my SteamZen shop emerged and I was in for an exhilarating ride from then on.

My creations became my breakout hit for 2017! My customers come from all corners of the country and across international waters, but oddly, not one from Charlotte.

The irony, right? But hopefully, that might change soon... I can't wait to share my creations to my fellow Hamilton-loving Charlottean.