April 7, 2014

DIY + Recycle: Unique Gift Wrapper Using Old Calendar

I'm one who always want something unique, with personality and decoratively creative. Moreover, I love to recycle and save money. In this project, I was able to put these factors together and came up with these cute designs for my daughter's birthday - turning old Calendar pages into decorative gift wrappers that will blow your mind away but not your budget! 

April 1, 2014

Top 10 Signs of Aging Women Hates

After doing my rather funny impromptu video about why I hate gray hairs, I was inspired to survey real women about aging and what they hate about it! Their responses were phenomenally unanimous! And they told it like they felt it!

So here's the not-so-hot deal on aging according to you!

March 31, 2014

Why I Hate Gray Hairs And I'm Not Alone In This

Yes, right on the bat, I would tell you that I hate gray hairs! Seriously. Imagine yourself looking older than you really are! That's what gray hairs would do to you. Then there's the pain in the rears of getting it colored, covered, hidden, camouflaged... Ah my hair! Not only is it time and money-consuming, it is rather very cumbersome!

I can hear you saying "Just embrace it!"  Trust me, I've heard that so many times. Not just from other women-friends but more from my unfazed-by-gray-hairs, indifferent, male peers who would endlessly rag me about embracing it. But no. I can't. I won't. Not yet.

Watch Why I hate Gray Hairs directly on our YouTube Channel

March 25, 2014

Photography: How to Clean Your DSLR

I just got my nifty fifty (50mm) and immediately put it to work. I love its quality and clarity. It takes stunning pictures just like the one pictured above. I love this one but there's one bit of a problem. If you look close enough and have photographer-trained-eyes, you will immediately see some dark spots on this unedited picture. Do you see them?

March 19, 2014

A Fresh Approach to your Favorite Foods

Disclosure: I received a sample kit from Fresh Express to try their product in order to facilitate this review and create my own recipe. All opinions are mine and based on my personal experience. Yours may vary.

I should tell you that being married to a Vegetarian has its perk. It made me eat my veggies more! I also developed a healthier habit and when you're my age, it simply is THE best path to take! Age by no means go in reverse, so as we age, the more we need to think more of keeping ourselves healthy. But eating healthy shouldn't be too complicated or confusing or super-tedious in approach to achieving it.

Neither should it be like deer with headlights effect, where we stand frozen and spaced out when we think of "healthy food" - this especially if you're favorite food, like me, is FRENCH FRIES!

March 14, 2014

SAD Makes Me... Sad

It's raining. It's pouring. But I'm not snoring. I'm actually sad for reason I know not. This happens every year. Right after Summer ends and Fall begins. Each year I wonder what cursed spell the weather have on me this strong that it can manipulate my moods and emotions to its whim and fancies! And it gets worst during the Winter. That unexplained melancholy that washes over my poor awkward self from seemingly nowhere. It sneaks up on me. Most often than not, I'm caught off-guard.

Photography: Yellow and White Daffodils

Flower Power. Nothing does a better job proclaiming the arrival of Spring than the glorious beauty of flowers such as these Daffodils which started popping out all over my front and backyard and blooming instantaneously the next day!

Shot with Macro lens 55mm / F5.0 / ISO800

March 12, 2014

Photography: The Gift of Spring

Trees and plants are all starting to bloom. My allergies entirely don't agree but there's no denying the beauty that comes with the arrival of the season of new life - Spring. As the flowers bloom, birds make their way back as well and perhaps we'll see offsprings hatching from nearby nests in no time soon.

March 11, 2014

30 Ways To Unplug Your Way Into The Living

Doesn't it offend you when you are talking to someone and their nose is stuck on their phones and their fingers are busy doing its thing while they're "pretending" or "trying" to listen to you? These days, it's now referred to as multitasking. I admit, I'm guilty of this "crime" once too often. Though in certain social circles I belong to, this is unofficially accepted but not totally embraced by all. If any, it's more of an impending demise of a skill our society used for socializing - for we are slowly getting overrun by our addiction to Gadgetism!

Photo of the Day: Sunset Delights

It is a treat to watch the Sunset during this season. Dramatic colors vividly paint the sky with vibrant reds, orange, yellow and sometimes purple. It's almost unreal but it's breathtaking to witness sunsets like the one I captured yesterday.

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