April 25, 2019

[ Travel Review ] Georgetown Suites: A home Away from Home

Georgetown Suites Courtyard building 

Washington DC is one of those cities that can bring about a sense of intimidation even to a seasoned traveler like me when you factor in visiting there for the very first time. It may be smaller in scale to NYC, which I love, but they both share unmistakable qualities that makes them hard to navigate for a newbie outsider. They're eternally busy, fast-paced, complex, non-existent parking spaces downtown and overall, can be very expensive. It sure can be a bit confusing if you're visiting for the very first time...

Entrance to Courtyard building decorated with Sakura blooms 

First-time Jitters
After years of deliberating and planning, we finally took the courage and ventured out this Spring in time for the Cherry Blossom season. However, getting to the final stage took a bit of work and some outside help. As anyone traveling to an unfamiliar place can attest to, it's a rather tough job researching where to stay and which hotel is best suited for your need and budget. It's at this point where it's wise to send out an SOS to your more informed social circles!

A sunny morning at Georgetown Suites Courtyard building. Seen through our 7th Floor Suite overlooking the front courtyard of the hotel. Off to the side on the right with arrow is the entrance/exit of parking garage
accessible at the back of hotel on 29th street.

Georgetown Suites to the Rescue
Risking embarrassment, I will admit, that I have no clue Georgetown ever exists. How would I? I was clearly afflicted with tunnel vision that affects most first-time visitor to a popular place. A newbie handicap, focusing purely on the area where most of the tourist attractions were in the city. Not realizing that surrounding perimeters have better beneficial advantages for me. As it were, Georgetown Suites in historic Georgetown was a delight to discover.

OUR Home Away from Home
Georgetown Suites offers two separate building accommodations, but both are located in the same strip. We were accommodated at the Courtyard building on 30th street which is a hop away from the busy M street. We had a one-bedroom suite with a fully-furnished kitchen, which we fell in love with. Every room in the suite was quite spacious and didn't feel at all cramped even when the queen sofa bed was spread out in the living area. 

Our living area turned sleeping quarter with queen Sofa bed in use (pictured with our personal pillows included)

Main bedroom with King bed (pictured with our personal pillows included) with wrap-around style windows
overlooking the front courtyard below. 

The main bedroom is a private room which assures an amount of peace and quiet. A great thing when you are traveling with kids! We were privileged to be accommodated at the topmost room on the 7th floor which gave us complete privacy and isolation from guest-induced "noises" or disturbances. The suite also comes with a dedicated patio which we adore! It gave us a place to unwind, relax and marvel at the skyline of Georgetown while being mesmerized by the constant buzz of traffic on M street at the end of a long and tiring day peppered with tons of walking!

Our patio overlooking the skyline of historic and very busy M street

A Peek inside this Gem and its Notable Amenities

Fully Furnished Kitchen. Our suite have a spacious kitchen, larger than most of the rooms I toured during our stay. It have a fridge with ice maker, electric range, microwave oven, dishwasher and cabinets/drawers filled with dishes and utensils to make your stay stress-free.

A peek inside our kitchen. Pardon the mess!

Free Breakfast. Georgetown Suites offer Continental breakfast, which to a seasoned traveler, is a code for "boring, unappetizing basic breakfast". Interestingly, GT Suites seem to have managed to break itself away from that stereotype by offering more. Their version included peeled hard-boiled eggs, microwaveable sandwiches, fresh fruits in a bowl, Bananas, kiwis, oranges, cheese sticks, pre-made waffles, bagels, pastries, yogurts, and muffins, on top of the usual cereals and toasts. The only thing you won't see is the usual waffle/pancake maker that you'll find in most hotels with free continental breakfast. Though a hot breakfast is always a better option, theirs doesn't totally disappoint. 

Breakfast morning scene in the dining area. The coffeemaker machine is a big hit each day. 

Spacious dining area features nooks and corners, high chairs and bar tables by the windows
where you and your family can enjoy your breakfast in peace 

FREE WIFI.  Need I say more?

Restaurant Discount Card. Not a substantial discount but if you have it, use it. Getting a free appetizer is always nice. 

You can check the rest of their amenities here: Georgetown Suites Amenities

Washington Harbour at night with their color-changing fountain on display

Why Georgetown Suites?
Here's a compilation of things that I like about Georgetown Suites based on my experience and discovery. You don't need to take my word for it but I'd rather you consider these compelling reasons when planning your next or first visit to DC:
  • Georgetown Suites is at the heart of Georgetown; the old, historic and much "calmer" part of Washington DC. It exudes a small town vibe but upbeat with modern city flair.  
  • It's a great starting point for first time travelers, especially, families who wants to enjoy a laid-back version of the city, away from the craziness of downtown DC.
  • It's close to almost everything a tourist can ask for. It's a walking town.  From the hotel, you can pretty much walk to anywhere. Just arm yourself with good sneakers and walk your way to all the attractions if you're up for the challenge. Or you can use a scooter or a bike. 
  • It is a 5 minute walk to the eclectic dining haven at Washington Harbour, where you can also catch a ride on the water taxi to go to The Wharf and National Harbour in Maryland. 
  • Georgetown Waterfront park is also close by. You can sit on the River Steps and watch the city lights across the skyline of Arlington and the Francis Scott Key bridge. A popular date night destination.  
  • It's surrounded by countless restaurants and shops. Some as old as your great grandparents! Choices are endless. 
  • Courtyard building is a hop away from M street. It is the main bus route for both Metro and Circulator Buses. They run at regular intervals, so you can catch a ride to anywhere or anytime you want to go in the city or around town. Metro Bus charges $2/ride. Smart trip card is available at the hotel for $11 with an $8 load.
  • Hotel Staff is friendly and very helpful. They'll go out of their way to help you out! Just ask.
  • 15 minute walk to the famous Exorcist Steps! Even "non-fans" take a pilgrimage to visit this steps used in the iconic movie, The Exorcist. 

The boardwalk at the Washington Harbour

River Steps at Georgetown Waterfront Park
Arlington Skyline and  Francis Scott Key Bridge visible across the Potomac river

Fun (and Useful) Facts You Need to Know Before YOU go:
  • Harbour building is located on 29th street on the opposite end of the same strip where Courtyard building is. It's a short walk from Courtyard and vice versa. 
  • Georgetown Suites was originally designed as apartment buildings by Architect Arthur Cotton Moore. 
  • Most of the rooms on Courtyard building were updated and renovated. 
  • Courtyard location is best for visitors who are on the go. 
  • Harbour location is quieter and closer to the Potomac river and is best recommended for business travelers. However, it is right next to the Whitehurst freeway which can be a busy and loud road during rush hours.  
  • Travel like the locals. Ride the Circulator Bus. It is FREE indefinitely. A great way to go around and save you some transportation expenses. I highly recommend taking this bus or the Metro from Georgetown if you can. There are no parking spaces downtown and traffic is pure madness. You can always ride an Uber as well. A popular choice by residents in a hurry and visitors who have no clue how to get to where they're going! We know this too well.  
  • For Amazon fans, Georgetown have an Amazon books and Cafe. Their coffee is seriously good! And it's not that far from the hotel on M street.
  • You're surrounded by historical artifacts. Most of the structures in the area are listed in the DC Inventory of Historic Sites and National Register of Historic Places. According to DC office of planning, it is also a designated National Historic Landmark, the highest level of recognition conferred by the US government on privately owned properties of significant historic value.

Georgetown Harbour featuring the breakfast area, meeting room, fitness room and the front desk. 

Georgetown Suites offers a variety of Suites options to suit your requirement. Some of the rooms I was privileged to tour are their  Courtyard 2-Story Townhouse suites and Penthouse which was a sight to see! Below is a detailed photo journal of the Townhouse.

Courtyard two-story Townhouse Suite featuring two level accommodations:
2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms upstairs and a half-bath downstairs. 

Final Notes on our Overall Experience
Staying at Georgetown Suites was an attraction by itself. We truly enjoyed our stay. It made us feel so welcomed and at home, I can confidently say that they made our vacation relatively stress-free. The front desk staffs are consistently friendly and helpful which made our first time visit truly memorable.

We love our one bedroom suite but look forward to trying their other suites. My child requested her own bed next time we go. According to her, sleeping on the sofa bed is not the most comfortable.

If there was anything we would have changed about our stay, it would be to have an option for firmer pillows (so we would stop bringing our own every time we travel) and better noise reductions from outside sources. The unfortunate disadvantage of being on the topmost room on the 7th floor is that it's pretty vulnerable to the constant barrage from airplane sounds flying by every night. Other than that, we can't complain.

Planning to go this Summer or next Spring? 
Here's a sweet treat for you. If you choose to stay at Georgetown Suites, you'll get this 
20% discount on their best available rate to give your vacation a good start! 

Use promo code: BLOG 

( It have no expiration date so you can use it whenever you're ready! Sweet or what?!) 

If you have any question, please let me know in the comments or message me. I will try my best to answer them. Promise! 

Disclosure: Part of our stay was hosted by Georgetown Suites but does not at any way influence my opinion. All opinions are mine unless otherwise stated. Also, please note that rooms in our suite were pictured as is, not staged, to show you authenticity of the room as used in real time during our stay. 


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