June 6, 2011

Geek Week: 5 Top Entertainment Application Must-haves for your Smartphone

I'm a self-professed geek and I love my geek gadgets! So, this week, I'm sharing some of my top digital entertainment must-haves! Applications that will make the most out of your smartphones! We all know that Smartphones are THE "in" phones right now. Everyone's got one. I got one. And I love mine! For a working mom that's always on the go like me, having a phone that can keep up is essential. But owning a smartphone is totally different from actually using it! Meaning, if you have a smartphone, use it right! 

Pimp your phone by uploading these popular applications that will make your friends go Oh-lala! and YOU, head-over-heels ga-ga! Best of all? They're Freeeeee!

  • Netflix - Recently launched by Netflix. If you're a netflixer, you're crazy not to download this app! It gives you easy access to your netflix account and stream movies anywhere! Even in the bathroom. I've downloaded the application on my android phone and the streaming quality is quite impressive. 
  • TV.com - Catch the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows while on the go. No need for DVR's. It's commercial-free. And you can watch it anytime! Anywhere. Features Full Episode shows.
  • Discovery - For those who love science and Mythbusters! This is Discovery Channels mobile app. Keep up with your favorite shows and not miss a thing. Though some shows doesn't offer full episodes or frequently updated.
  • Pandora - For music lovers that don't need complex tools to enjoy their favorite music. Very basic application and customizable. This is my top go-to-music application anytime.
  • YouTube - Who is not a fan? Check your channel, watch a clip or upload your movie straight from your phone in real time. No hassle. Quick and easy!

Note: TV.com and Discovery can be downloaded on iPad but isONLY in mobile format. Though you can expand to watch in full screen mode and not at all pixelated.

If you haven't already, upload these applications now and go have fun with them! AND if you have additional recommendations, share it with us especially if it's FREE!

Next week we're talking organization! Stay tuned. If you're a mom, you'll need this!

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  1. Loving this feature, Maricris! The techie in my squealed with delight!

  2. Just got a new iPhone so looking for new apps to add! Thanks!


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