October 3, 2010

Skyping In The Bathroom - How Skype Saved The Day {or Night }

Being away from the family especially from the kids sometimes bear a mild bout of separation anxiety. Not necessarily common in older kids but it oftentimes affects them when parents go away for a longer period of time and they're not use to that. A thing that happened to me last week as I was away for 4 days on a conference for Type-A Mom. So far, the longest I've ever been away. My 6-year old felt the void at the second night. She misses "Mama" and wants to see her right there and then. The poor girl is inconsolable and was already crying and bawling her eyes out. Papa was helpless. What does a mom to do in situations like these? Hello Skype!
Skyping inside the Bathroom

Skype truly saved the day { or in my case: night } for me on this one. It was the best option - ever - when a phone call was not enough! My daughter wanted to see "Mama" so bad, hearing my voice won't cut it. The best part of it? The video calls are free! So we got to talk for a few hours until I got her to settle down. Seeing me on that little screen eased all her sadness away. She even read me a story. An outcome that I would have not gotten if I stuck on simply settling for a phone call. The only price we paid that night was lack of sleep but it was worth it. That night was one of those times when I just sincerely love the power of technology!

And why in the bathroom you ask? Well, that's the beauty of it all. You can Skype anywhere for as long as you have a portable netbook {shout out to my on-test Nokia 3G Booklet}or laptop, a good wireless connection and a nice bathroom to make the conversation private! 
"No, the truth is, my roommate was already sleeping, it was close to midnight, she's a light sleeper like me - I didn't want her to kick me out of the room!"
Thank you Skype! You were my hero that night...

What do you utilize to the keep in touch with your family and kids when you are away besides the regular phone call? Do you have Skype stories to share?

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