May 24, 2012

Crocodiles and Alligators at Gatorland Orlando

White Gator - rare creature in the world!

Orlando has become uniquely identified with Disney World that I became oblivious to the other parks and attractions in the area that are equally worth visiting. I obviously have been so Disneyfied that I never thought of any other theme parks when in Orlando or the surrounding areas like Kissimmee. But discoveries were in order while on an assignment to write for Visit Kissimmee.

Gatorland was one of those great finds we were quite pleased with. And my daughter currently into anything reptile-related, visiting the theme park was a real treat. What's even more exciting was the opportunity to be in close proximity to live alligators and crocodiles without the threat of being eaten alive!

Now that's a perk. A little taste of Crocodile Dundee. Now, besides the usual reptilian displays, our visit was also equally educational. One thing that impressed in me was how to tell a Crocodile from an Alligator and setting eyes on the rarest creatures in the world - the White Gators! See picture above.

Some areas of interest:
  • Gator Jumparoo Show - great fun for both kids and adults with a little comedy thrown in.
  • Breeding Marsh - haven for alligators, crocodiles and different bird specie in Florida including Herons and Egrets.
  • Upclose Encounters - A what's in the box? kind of show that puts you at the edge of your seat but dosed with fun and laughter.
  • Swamp Walk - A self-guided tour through a live swamp with wild natural inhabitants depicting the wetlands of Florida. 
  • White Gator Swamp - A rare glimpse at the four leucistic Alligators aka White Gators on display for a limited time. It is also believed that "its piercing blue eyes are believed to have the ability to command good fortune to those lucky enough to make eye contact with them!"
  • Gator Gully Splash Park - A great pit-stop for your little ones and you to cool down when the heat is high. Make sure to bring your swimsuits when you visit the park!

From the site:
"Hundreds of programs have been filmed at Gatorland, from the alligator scenes in the blockbuster movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, to documentaries from National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and the BBC, even TV series such as American Choppers, The Pet Psychic, and Swamp Thing." - Gatorland

This place is also a great place for Zip-line enthusiast. If you're in Orlando or Kissimmee area, it would be a shame not to visit this reptilian-themed park! We truly enjoyed visiting it ourselves and hope to visit it again when we get the chance. And we'll make sure to bring our swimsuits next time :-)


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