August 9, 2012

Natural Remedy: Honey Lemon Ginger Zinger For Sore Throat and Cold

Summer cold have found its way to my hubby. Bless his heart. He's been miserably coughing and have been suffering with sore throat as well. If you know us, especially him, you'll know that we're not big fans of medicines and would rather prefer not to take them if we can. With this being, I was on the lookout for a great natural remedy to soothe his throat, ease his coughing and relieve sinus congestion at the same time. Thank God for for Ginger, Lemon and Honey! They're exactly what I needed for the concoction I was thinking of doing! And one with a Zing!

The ingredients only called for  3 simple ingredients: lemons, honey and fresh slices of ginger to the mix. Ginger has always been known to be used for natural treatment of colds and the flu being it with anti-inflammatory properties and powerful natural painkillers. I thought it wise to add it in. Not to say, the hubby likes ginger.

In this recipe I used:
2 organic lemons sliced
1/2 cup sliced ginger
Pure Honey

I evenly distributed the lemon and ginger slices in 3 jelly jars, filled to the rim, then poured honey about 1/3 of the jar. The honey takes a while to settle down but you can see the lemon juices getting drawn out while it sinks to the bottom. Once done, I put the lids on and left the mixture to "marinade" overnight and immediately used it the next day.

To make the drink:
I use about 1tbsp of the syrup and add in lemon and ginger slices. Pour hot water in and here's the twist, I add a dash of organic powdered ginger to give it added zing. It gives the drink a bit of an oomph! and also works great for the congested sinuses.

My hubby loves this delightful concoction. I do too. I've been making mine into a cold drink and taste great as a refresher. Best of all this, it has been helping my hubby and giving him some relief. That to me is of course, a great reward.

It's natural. It's yummy. It's all good juju.


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