January 4, 2012

Pinterest Vs. StumbleUpon

It's 2012. New beginnings. New ambitions. New stat goals. Let's take a close look at whether Pinterest or StumbleUpon still (if you're already using them) makes the cut in your list this year. I shall begin with saying that the use of any new social media networking sites is like trying on a new clothing. You won't know if it fits properly until you try them on. It could be the perfect fit or simply a big disappointment. Being a thorough shopper as myself, I love to compare. It helps me seek out the right target and when I do, kapow! I snag it and bag it without further hesitation, just like an expert shopper would do. Pinterest and StumbleUpon are no different. Both were compared and matched mano-a-mano and so far, one of them is close to being KO'd of proportion!

Here's the Face-off:

I love the concept behind StumbleUpon BEFORE the redesign, upgrade or however you may want to call it. Back when it still works, once you submit a new find via stumbling, it doesn't take long for that particular discovery to go viral within the SU community. It was an exhilarating experience to say the least. It was one of the top source of traffic for my site and those that I stumble. Only downside is that, it's like a roller coaster ride. It's a quick ride. By the end of the day, the spike in traffic spike down as fast as when it started.

Nonetheless, it was always a good ride. Until SU revamped their site. These days, if you submit a new discovery, don't expect too much. Your new discoveries may sit dormant and unviewed for a long time. And a stinkin' zero views splashed all over it. Sadly, more and more users that I know are starting to get miffed by this unexplained phenomenon in SU. I guess, SU is losing it's magic touch and me? I'm slowly losing my stumbling mojo each day.

I'm not one to immediately jump on board on any new social media applications that comes my way.  I let it sit there until I get good reviews from current users, and only then would I get my feet wet and put some effort in trying it out. I did this with Pinterest.

And so far, Pinterest is showing great potentials. I started creating boards and trying to feel my way around this richly visual site. Not long after I created my boards did I get new followers and repins of my pictures. Repin is when another user pin your picture in their boards. This is how you get your traffic. The more repins you get, the more traffic it brings back to your site (given no one "stole" your photos and claimed it as their own- yes, it's the internet anything is possible, unfortunately). If you pin interesting and vivid pictures within an interesting category, they are more likely to get repinned. So far, I'm enjoying Pinterest and liking what I see.

StumbleUpon Vs. Pinterest on traffic generating capability:
As to date, Pinterest is topping my traffic chart! It has been fast becoming one of my great source of traffic for my site right now. As for StumbleUpon, it's pretty much nil, zip, nada. I miss the traffic it brings to my site but it's just not working the way it used to. I might leave it in the dumps soon, if you ask me.

So, for right now, Pinterest wins the match! I hope they keep it up and if they ever enhance the site that they would where it benefits it's avid users instead of annoying them like what SU is doing to some of it's users now.

If you're on Pinterest, check me out! If you opt to follow me and want me to reciprocate a follow, leave your username in the comments section so I can follow you back!

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  1. I just started noticing the other day that I've been getting traffic from Pinterest too. I love that site!

  2. Pinterest wins for me as well. I was never a huge fan of SU, but it was okay. The changes though made me just abandon it completely.


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