June 13, 2011

Geek Week: 5 Top Organization Applications YOU just gotta have!

Welcome to Geek Week! A new feature here on Zensible Mama and one of my favorite part of the week. It's the time of the week where I let my geeky self be just me, a geek! And sharing my geek finds - making technology work for us! As promised last week, we're talking organization apps this week. Best for Moms who needs some basic organization help.

And like the entertainment apps last week, these too, are all FREE. Let's get organizing!

  • Calendar Pad - It syncs with your google calendar and accepts calendar sharing. I haven't experienced any glitches on this application. Fully customizable with alerts and 2-calendar views plus customizable widgets.
  • Color Note - Quite handy when you need to take down notes or write important informations and you want to write it quick. I personally like this because it looked like a sticky note and it have customizable sticky notes widgets that serves as "reminders" on your home screen. Fully functional with alerts and email/sharing features.
  • Ultra Mate - Your personal diary or Journal to record your innermost thoughts and plans. Features a calendar, templates and customizable page where you can insert images, videos and audios. Even has GPS to set a location. Mood icons to describe the tone of your entry. Best of all, it's password protected. So write on!
  • Gmail - I specifically gmail because the pre-installed widget on my android phone was cumbersome. I suggest that you install ALL email client widgets for your easy access. Installing the mobile app for all my email clients was one of the best things I did.
  • Google Shopper - Organize your shopping habit. Great for the shopaholics who love to shop around before buying the product they want. Though I don't personally use this, or any shopping applications for that matter, this application seem to be highly recommended.

Make life easier! Got any organization apps to share?

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