May 21, 2012

SeaWorld After 8 Years

Inside the famous Shamu Show

Seeing myself within the confines of SeaWorld after 8 years almost gave me the chills. And the burgeoning emotional onslaught of nostalgia that overcome me, brought me to a few tears and I was a little choked up. It's one of those episodes in your life that just means a lot, it holds so much sentiments. You get me, do you?

Shamu Rocks Show

Eight years ago, literally on the dot, I was there technically a newly minted new bride, where my hubby and I were consummating our MUCH-delayed honeymoon. See my emphasis on the much? I was also practically an FOB (Fresh Off the Boat - as how they "lovingly" call migrants around these woods) getting used to the new culture around me and above all that, I just found out, I was a little over 8 weeks pregnant! Holy schmokes! See, it would get you too, right?

And now eight years after.

Holding my hands is that little teeny weeny peanut who almost did not want to abandon the comfort of my poor tummy and the fun of torturing my organs, now walks alongside me inside this theme park. Aw...tissues please!

Eight years.

We are Family

Her 8th birthday. It was not planned. We were out traveling. I was out attending and speaking at a conference. The opportunity presented itself so we took it! I guess it was meant to be. But it was a wonderful surprise no less.

SeaWorld after 8 years:

With the Cast of A'lure after the show

  • The Dolphin Cove "petting" area has been greatly minimized. A huge portion of it is now dedicated for a paid-feeding experience for visitors wanting a closer encounter with the Dolphins. Much to the chagrin of young patrons hoping to have more space to "pet" and touch the mammals within the pool.
  • A'lure's The Call of the Ocean was a new show that we all enjoyed. Think Cirque de Soleil on a smaller scale. It's short and sweet and filled with chuck-ful-o'-fun! You even get a photo opp with the performers after the show which was a sweet treat!
  • All-day Dining Deal was a lifesaver. With little one in tow, you bet, that incorrigible demand to be feed or hydrated was ever-present! Good thing, there were enough restaurants participating in the entire park to feed you when you need food. 
  • Sea Lions Tonite is another great show that we all enjoyed and had a good laugh out of. It is a parody of SeaWorld shows and attractions. The night we were there, they were spoofing Shamu show.

**SeaWorld provided two complimentary media passes and we covered our daughter's ticket**


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