October 20, 2015

Macy's Rwanda Path to Peace: 10 Years of Making A Difference In the Lives of Underprivileged Women and their Families

Rwanda Brown and Green Fruit Basket displayed proudly on my mantel with other handcrafted home decor items made from different countries. / Photo: +Maricris G 

It's hard to believe that it has been 10 years since Willa Shalit vowed to help Rwandan women rise up from their desolate fate brought about by the violent genocide in 1994 in Rwanda, that took away their husbands and sons, and left them with the difficult task of being the sole breadwinners. But 10 years of goodness it has been!

One that I'm proud to be a part of again this year through Macy's 10th year anniversary of unwavering commitment to the Rwanda Path to Peace campaign.

You know why? Because this project not only helps these women and their families but most importantly because, it has been helping rebuild their communities for years as well.

I, myself, an Artisan and a mother, can't be any prouder to see that the creative work of these women is helping bring quality living to themselves and their families. And in all of these, YOU are a crucial part of making this happen!

With your purchase of their creative baskets, you are giving these women the financial empowerment to buy an essential need; soap, shoes and pay school fees. To give you a better understanding of how you are helping these women, let Christina Mukankuranga tell you her life-changing story.

Empowering a Community with every single basket
"The weaving of the baskets is an extraordinarily intricate process that has been practiced for centuries in Rwanda. Each design is unique and painstakingly crafted from sisal and grass by women who learned to weave from their aunts, mothers and grandmothers. 
The partnership between Macy’s and the artisans has helped the women move from deprivation and uncertainty to a life where they can plan their futures, and build stable, healthy lives by creating the traditional art that was handed down by their mothers and grandmothers. The weavers say that they have experienced the worst possible pain, through war, and want to send their message of peace, through their baskets to the world. Macy’s has given them a pathway to do this. 
Macy’s customers have been buying the Rwandan weavers’ baskets for ten years, which is remarkable given the standard turnover in retail goods and consumer tastes. The open hearts of Macy’s customers have directly supported peace and prosperity in Rwanda.
With every basket purchased, thousands of children who were malnourished and sick a decade ago have had ten years of food, education and medicine, thanks to this program, and are now thriving young adults. Many have completed secondary school and are headed to university. 
A decrease in overall violence: In many cases, women whose families were “enemies” during the genocide, have made peace with each other through weaving. Additionally, the baskets have not only led to peace between Hutu and Tutsi, but also between men and women. Domestic violence has decreased immensely, due to the fact that the men now respect that women are wage earners. That fact also allowed women to have increased personal power in a formerly male-dominated culture. This has led to greater stability throughout Rwandan society." - Rwanda Path to Peace

How can you not be proud being a part of this project? Or even knowing that you own one of these colorful and attractive weaved baskets?

Be a part of this rewarding effort
Buying one single basket means more than the dollar value of the basket you purchased. Rather, you are giving these women the ability to support their families, have better lives and most of all, empowering them with dignity and respect. 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid nor sponsored post. Zensible Mama is participating in this campaign through Everywhere Agency for free, because we believe in giving back and this is one of those ways we can do them. All opinions are mine unless otherwise noted. As a thank you, we received a commemorative basket. 


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