November 7, 2010

Carolina Renaissance Festival - A place where Wenches and Bastards are the stars!

And that's not a lie. Just don't go tellin' the King and Queen and...their royal subjects! Carolina Renaissance Festival is always one of the well-attended events when it comes to town and why not? You can be your altered ego anytime of the day and it's A-OK! It's actually encouraged! Not just that, it's a p.a.r.a.d.i.s.e. for both men and women: 

  • Men because there are a lot of wenches with overly tight bodice corset and overflowing tatas to feast their eyes on.  
  • Women because with tight corsets ~ not sure how they can breathe through that ~  they get instant tata-lift! Whoa and lots of 'em there this year too!
See? But with or without tatas, it's also a fun place for kids! This year is the first time we've visited the theme park during Halloween and what a treat ~ kids come for free that day! Made me wish I had seven kids that day! Knock on wood! ONLY for the DAY wenches, only for the day...

Reward was a bounty from the Royal Treasure Chest! 
Haven't you ever been to the Renaissance Festival? You should. They also have great shows that both you and your kids can enjoy. I love the comedy shows and one of them is Barely Balanced, which is new this year. Watch the video above ~ if you haven't yet ~ and you'll see why.

Other reasons to visit this year:
  • The 4-horned Sheep {that my daughter "discovered" while I was oblivious to the world around me}- First time I've ever seen one! You'll find him at the petting zoo of course.
  • Barely Balanced Show - I just love the girl members' comic antics! She's the funniest and STRONG!
  • Get in touch with your inner wench! Trust me you'll love it.
  • Privies {Porta-John restrooms} were better maintained this year. Definitely cleaner and not icky!
  • More Food Choices. Decent vegetarian options are actually available!
The Festival run until Nov 21st and open only during the weekends.

What are you waiting for? Go be a wench!

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