August 17, 2010

Destination NC: A Taste of Latino Culture in the Carolinas

My background and culture is influenced by Spanish heritage - even my name is Spanish - but I'm Asian, go figure! This goes without saying that the presence of Latino culture in the Carolinas somehow reminds me of home. Not just the food or the culture but the essence of a life once lived in a far away land...

Plaza Fiesta since it's reinvention has become the convergence zone for all Latino community in the surrounding area in the Southwest side of Charlotte NC. Once you enter those mall doors, you immediately get transported to a land somewhere in Latin America with its' cobblestone paved halls and small shops akin of small villages! On my second visit this Sunday to get a taste of my authentic Mexican food cravings, I was, again, surprised to see a celebration of life and culture. Just like my first visit, it never fails to entertain not only my palate but my soul... Watch the video and take a peek of what it's like...

Sundays are the best day to visit.
One of the many reasons to love Charlotte, North Carolina. Ole!


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