July 23, 2010

Great Day to wear Yellow

Who would have thought that my penchant for wanting to wear yellow this Sunday was actually a VERY good idea! Considering I haven't showered, Yellow seemed to be the perfect choice in making me look a bit "fresh" and lively! - believe it or not, color does change moods - very helpful on a gloomy, stormy day! Then we went to Plaza Fiesta and as soon as I walked into the shopping center, my yellow shirt immediately took on a more dramatic role...
With good friend Franco Londono - Singer extraordinaire 
and very famous in the Latino community

A large portion of the people inside were wearing yellow! Then I heard loud music and a familiar voice singing as we neared the center court. Franco! People were cheering and dancing in the center court and celebrating a very momentous occasion! It was Colombia's Independence day...
And if you haven't guessed by now, yellow was the prominent color of the country! Happy Independence day to my Colombian friends. I do love your coffee. And yes, I'm so glad I wore my yellow shirt that day...


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