October 14, 2010

Why Do You Go To Conferences? The Pawsome Chief Exec Bear Maxine Clark Answers!

It was at a conference that I first met Maxine Clark, the beary pawsome Chief Exec Bear of Build-A-Bear Workshop, in person, at the 1st Disney Social Media Moms in Florida early this year. She was truly a genuine person. So down-to-earth. Not surprisingly, I loved her that very day I met her... This past Summer, I had the privilege of seeing her again during the workshop hosted by her company in Missouri. And just recently, I got to see her yet again at the Type A Mom conference held in Asheville NC.
Meeting Maxine Clark for the very first time 

 At Maxine's home in Missouri

Conferences has seemingly become the common denominator that's making our paths cross. And it was during this recent conference, as we were awaiting the wine party to commence as we lounged at the waiting area by the hallway that one night, when she curiously asked the challenging question, "Why do you go to these conferences?" A question that hit me like a lightning bolt and sending stars swirling around my head. It made me think deep. I knew in my heart why I go to these conferences but it made me curious what hers were. So I asked the question back to her and more!

Personally, what is your reason for going to these conferences?
I love to connect with like minded people and make new friends.

As a brand, how does going to conferences help your brand? Is it an effective means of marketing?
It puts me in touch with people I would not otherwise meet and helps me make smarter decisions. Many of the people I meet become friends and I know I can call on them for sage advice.

Being around all these mombloggers and connecting with them, what was one thing that inspired you about them? 
Their wanting to be sincere and at the same time to find products that they can profit from--how to do this? How to forge new ground? How to make a difference. Maybe most of all, how much we all have in common being "girls".

What is the best advice you will give to all the moms who have businesses or are looking to start their own business?   
Write a plan for your dream and make it a living, working, breathing and changeable document . The purpose is to convince your self before you try to convince others that you are serious and committed.

What about you? Why do you go to these conferences? 

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  1. I have never been to a conference. I have just now reached the point in my mommy-ness and professional path where conferences may begin to have a positive impact on my career and family life. I think conferences have the potential to bring us face-to-face with other moms and professionals who share our passions in a way that friends at home do not (since their professions are vastly different from mine - which is great). I look forward to getting to my first conference and to seeing the impact is can have long after I have packed and headed home.

  2. I have never been to one. Just at a point in my mommy-ness and professional life where conferences have the potential to make a positive impact. I think at conferences we have the ability to interact with moms with whom we share a professional passion in a way that is not possible with our at-home friends who have different careers than we do. Looking forward to my first conference!!

  3. I love going to conferences because it's a great way to learn new things, meet new people and be surrounded with awesome ideas.

    I always come home with a few ways to make my life better. Whether that be professionally or personally, I am always inspired to do more.


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