February 23, 2010

Disney Social Media Moms - What will you Celebrate?

Yes, What will you Celebrate? A resounding question permeating within the vast spectrum of Disney World, so pleasantly echoed in every print and vocals of those who speak and represent the magical world that is Disney while I was there during the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration last week.

Disney has definitely captured the essence of what moms truly celebrate and what Disney is all about : Family. And true it was. Disney made it all possible. A magical stay filled with fun for our families and great takeaways for the more than 150 mom bloggers from the 3-day conference. Disney World has set the standard high for all who attended and officially sealed the mom bloggers status into Social Media Mom Influencers. Yes, I am proud to be a Social Media Mom!  "We are no longer JUST mom bloggers. We are now professional influencers in Social media." They've cut out the niche for us. But it's up to us to follow through. Some came for the experience, some came for personal development and connecting. Which direction did you choose? I chose the latter for I believe great things comes with it. Things that are priceless like...

a) Friendships 
Shellie @Military_Mom & Hubby, Kathy Ireland, Molly @MyGOMOM, Tamara @MomRN, Lissete @LisseteD, Maria @ChicagoMommy and Moi'

b) Connecting with Online friends in IRL (in real life)
Finally! Jennifer - the Momblogger of all bloggers

c) Reconnecting with old friends
d) Opportunities 
e)Professional Growth
f) Tools to enhance skills 
g) Learning from the Experts
h)Best of all fun memories and so much more...

If you ask me, I celebrate myself for being a Mom and not just any mom, a Social Media Mom! It's great to see that a love for writing and socializing has evolved into a fruitful experience and has become a solid connection to a vast community that shares the same passion. Most of all without the support and understanding of my family, I would not be where I am today. As what my hubby and daughter wrote in their Disney guest badges below my name: "our Mom Blogger Extraordinaire!" - tis' the greatest honor!

*(Disney provided rooms, meals and park tickets for me and my family as part of the conference package, at a reduced rate.)


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