February 17, 2010

Window to My World Wednesday - Sleeping in Disney!

Zonked out in the middle of Chaos!
Inside "Honey I shrunk the Kids" Movie Set

(The title of this post should have been "Honey I Zonked out in the Park!")

After a long, fast-paced- you can say H.E.C.T.I.C.- but essentially AWESOME 3-day conference at the first Disney Social Media Mom Celebration conference at Walt Disney Resorts, it was but befitting to take advantage of the rest of the weekend to finally visit the park and enjoy it as a family, which was a bit impossible during the conference. But as it turned out, the early morning and late night activities during the conference caught up with me!

Inside the movie set. Everything here is HUGE! - photo courtesy of Disney
Do you think Leanne & I have the same thing in common?
Photo borrowed (stolen) from @Leannej

So I say Zzzzz to you too!

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Fabulous Wednesday to all!


  1. LOL Looks like you guys had a blast. That set looks like it would be SO much fun to walk through :)

  2. Ah! That is funny! A borrowed/stolen picture put to good use. I could still use another nap.


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