October 7, 2010

The Different Faces of a Type A Mom: Real Women from All Walks of Life

I will admit, I had a bad case of women-watching at Type A Mom conference which was held in the scenic town of Asheville NC! Yes, bad case if you consider watching 400+ of 'em all. Like a nasty cold it was unrelenting. And why not?! It can't be helped. Too many wonderful women cocooned in one place and in a very beautiful and panoramic setting. It just leaves you with that feeling of awe to see a melding of different personalities, different styles, different fashion sense but all are the same - simply fabulous and all so real!
Goofing around with the Big Iron at historic downtown Asheville

There's the sassy and chic, calm and collected, the hyperactive, the shy and quiet - need I go on? It's a great reminder that being real is the key to going to these conferences. To let your true self show. It's what makes each one of us unique. I admit, I'm the wash and wear kind of gal and it gets intimidating sometimes seeing another mom all trendy and stylish like a true fashionista does out of a fashion magazine - and standing next to me no less! That's just about enough to make me run into a corner and suck on my binky!

But one thing I've learned going to conferences like these is that, people likes you for who you are. Don't change or pretend you are someone else who you are not - just to be liked. Trust me sweet-tea, it will give you just the opposite result. Though you can of course, try and look a little pretty and spend a little more to achieve that - any good reason to shop, right? - you and I both deserve it!

So don't be afraid to wear your REAL YOU badge! These real moms and women did! 
- Which made them the more special in my book!
Girl Fridays
Ellen of Love That Max . Carol of NY City Mama . Lisa of A Daily Pinch
Elisa Camahort-Page, COO and Co-Founder of Blogher
Finally met her in person and gave her my long-delayed thank you hugs!
A fellow Filipina (eventhough it's only half, I'm claiming it)
I enjoyed hanging out with her and spending a light-hearted chit-chat.
who I enjoyed hanging out with during the Biltmore Tour.
Such a fashionable gal she is but very down-to-earth!
Laura of Disney World - Full of fun! Not to mention, tons of blings!
Thanks for the Pixie Dusts!

And more fabulously real women!
Are you one of them?

 Ria{RiaSharon} . Julie{Mommie Cooks} . Jenny{Dancing_Lemur}
 Jen{OneMomsWorld} . Sandy(OrganizerSandy} . Molly{MyGoMom}
Val{ADisneyFamly} . Kris{LittleTechGirl} . Aliza{AlizaSherman}

And the one woman that melted a-many moms heart that one night!
{She has melted mine long, long time ago}
Maxine Clark, CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop in action!
Sewing the ripped back of a Champ Bear for CecilyK's little girl.

This is one reason I love going to conferences. To meet wonderful women who are real in so many ways. They inspire me. They motivate me. Best of all, they teach me to love life the way it is. What about you? What is your ultimate reason for going to conferences? - Maxine Clark will answer this question in an upcoming interview post. Watch out for it.

*A special Shoutout to Lisa of A Daily Pinch for letting me crash in their room for the night and Julie of Mommie Cooks who is a very generous and over all awesome room mate! Love these gals! - Thank you!

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  1. It was so great to see you there and yes - it is so important to let yourself shine through! Wish we had a pic mama!

  2. What a wonderful take on Type A—and a great message. Loved meeting you!

  3. What a wonderful take on Type-A Mom...and a great message. I loved meeting you!

  4. Wonderful advice for any newbie conference attendee! I totally feel you with about feeling insecure around the "glamourous" bloggers. I felt like a giant blob next to
    Audrey McClellan, who just couldn't be a nicer gal.

  5. Maricris - I love the theme of this post. I met so many wonderful women and what I loved the most about this conference is that so many people were so real. No pretense. No self-importance. In reality, I feel like you all are my co-workers and what a wonderful place to work!

  6. Great post on Type A Maricris. And you are SO right. It really is all about the amazing women (and a few men!) you meet.

    I loved rooming with you and getting to know you a bit better. I hope we get another opportunity to go to a conference together again soon. Thank you so much for everything!

  7. I so agree. TypeaMom is the unglamorous conference...I mean that in a good way, of course. Attendees dress up or down. Casual or dressy. Just be yourself. Great post! Loved meeting you, too!

  8. Hi Maricris! Thank you for the mention! It was awesome hanging with you, I am so glad we had a chance to go out to dinner together and talk! I am awaiting the day when I see you again. xoxox


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