October 8, 2010

Disney on Ice Toy Story 3 - Ken Gave Comedy A Run For It's Money!

Disney on Ice, a production of Feld Entertainment is featuring Toy Story 3 this year. I have seen the movie version of Toy Story 3 and knowing how the original story goes,  I went to see Disney on Ice unset with high expectations. I rather wondered how Feld Entertainment have successfully replicated the movie to bring it to life on the ice  to a level of performance that will still wow the audiences!
Woody with the round up gang!

I went to the opening night with my daughter. One good thing about going to the opening night is that performers are at their peak which contributes to the excitement and great presentation of the entire show. Mickey and Minnie with the rest of the more well-known Disney characters opened up the show which of course, never fails to electrify the crowd especially the young ones just by their mere presence!
 Here are some notable highlights of the show 
that are also my favorites:
  • The Toy Soldiers appearing on stage in parachutes with their highly active dance sequence were very impressive and definitely got everyone's attention.
  • Buzz and the Little Green Men encounter were by far the most visually interactive and the glow in the dark appearance of the Little Green Men and their performance were quite engaging. It will leave you wanting to see more.
  • Barbie and her Barbie gang made all the girls in the crowd go squeee!!! They truly captured the true girly essence of Barbie which the crowd fell for.
  • Ken is a show-stealer and everyone just love his character. Just like in the movie, he brought the house down and the crowd went crazy when he appeared on stage especially with his dance sequence with Barbie. 
In summary, the show is a great option for a family night out! { If it's not a school night or you don't mind a cranky kid the next day!} And though the revisions of the story plot based from the movie were painfully modified to realistically work in a play, Feld Entertainment managed to capture some of the great story highlights of the original movie and successfully brought it to life on ice! The only disappointment? The scenes involving the character of Andy and the actor himself was a little boring. The stage and it's backdrop was lame compared to the one they had last year. But other than that, everything else gets a passing grade!

Check my video clip to give you a little peek!

The show runs until Sunday, October 10th at Time Warner Arena. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster. If you want to save some money, grab your discount code here: Discounts - and enjoy the show!

**Complimentary tickets were provided by Time Warner Cable arena as part of their promo and marketing initiative**

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  1. I remember when I watched Holiday On Ice, Disney on Ice... long time ago when they came to Jakarta, Indonesia. Nice show, I love them.


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