November 4, 2010

Meet My BFF's { hopefully not for life }

Aren't Bestfriend's cool especially when they are there for you on your every beck and call? Mine are like that! So loyal to me. I can almost call them MY SLAVES! Yes, you heard me right, S.L.A.V.E.S. Ah, they are always there for me 24/7 and doesn't even complain one bit. Lucky me huh?

They usually serve me loyally when I'm sick just like this week.
Come meet them...
My Couch.
Tirelessly comforts my weary body and kissing my lazy butt for days!

My TV and Laptop.
Always up for the demand and provides endless entertainment.

My hot pots.
Always there to offer warmth and comfort.
Where's my tea?!

But most of all, I can't get better without these folks! 
I call them my personal nurse

Aren't my BFF's wonderful?!
On demand day and night! I sure can't live without them...

But seriously, please wish me well... Being sick is not really fun even with loyal BFF's.

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If I don't speak for my child who else will?


  1. Goodness, I hope you feel better soon. Your cyberBFFs are always nearby too. I love those hot pots. Where did you get them?!

  2. I hope you feel better soon, Maricris!! No fun being sick :(

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon!!

  4. Feel better soon, babe. Being sick stinks. Plus? You need to get ready for our Girls Night out!

  5. Hope you are feeling better real soon! I just blogged about being sick and you are right, it is not fun!

  6. I have those meds but haven't tried them. Good, huh?


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