October 8, 2009

Sick of being Sick!

No I ain't smilin'. Get ready to die you germies!

Bah-humbug virus loves my daughter so much!

She's sick again. Which means hubby and I are too.

I've declared an all out war with these nasty germies. They've gotten so bad in my 'hood. I'm all for murderous rampage. Kill. Kiiiiiillllllll.

Really, I'm done with this sickness and so done with my daughter! I know tending to your sick child is part of motherhood but 6 freakin' days of constantly repeating myself and telling her: "blow your nose!" "cough it out!" "drink your water" - I almost sounded like a broken record I should have just recorded my voice and saved myself the trouble. She loves her phlegm so much, she now have both ear infected! Oh yeah. Evil eyes from her doctor made my day.

 Did you think the little stinker listened? Heck no! She whines, stomps her feet, grovel, complains, cry and argue with me everytime I deliver my infamous chant. How hard is it to blow your nose?! Seriously. And it doesn't end there. Her favorite time is terrorizing me at night when she wakes up howling and screaming like someone was about to kill her at 1am, 2am, 3am...(it never ends!) I feel like a loser.

No, she doesn't have the flu (thank God). She's just sick enough to stay home but not sick enough that if I do send her to school everyone will think I'm a jerk! Yeah Call me a bad mother. Heck, I'm not perfect. I'm not superwoman either. I just want her to get well and get on with her normal out-of-the-house life - so I can have the same! - that and before I squooshed her like an ant!

If she only lay there like a sweet doll and cooing for attention like a cute kitten then it would be a different story. But heck no!

Fellow moms, if you can't relate with my sufferings, at least, c'mon over and treat me with a strong drink!

Maria I can use your famous Cosmopolitan just about now.

I'm stocking up on my ammo with these great finds. Want some?

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  1. I feel for you! I hate when my kids get sick! You never think they can whine more...then they get sick!!

  2. I can relate to that. Just be patience with her. They feel very uncomfortable when they are sick. Blowing nose is easy for adults but can be difficult for a little girl/boy. My eldest boy only learned how to do it properly when he turned 5 yrs old.
    I hope she gets well very soon.

  3. It sounds like you're taking care of my husband when he gets sick. It drives me nuts! "Blow your nose until it's empty." "Too much effort. Don't wanna!" Men and children have a lot in common. LOL One appletini coming right up!! :)

  4. I got my flu shot a week ago, and plan on acquiring the H1N1 vaccine when it comes out. As a high school teacher, I'm around a lot of snotty little kiddos...can never be too careful! Feel better, and hope the Lysol, etc., work...

  5. I am so sorry the germies have been so tough at the Zen Ventures household. My best for a quick and complete recovery.

  6. Aww! What have you done to yourself? The lady Rambo is becoming a terminator! I hope you all get well soon.

    Btw, about you being a guest blogger, how do we go about it? Should I create a username for you? Hehee, serious ang lola na makapahinga sa blogging. :-)

  7. Ugh! So frustrating! Sorry you are all sick. We just got over our first illness of the season... Not fun! I hope you all start feeling better soon! :)


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