October 7, 2009

Window to My World Wednesday - Up in the Sky

Traveling the friendly (or unfriendly) skies do have its' perks especially when you're traveling across the world...

Somewhere above the North Pole
the sun was setting behind us

It started going...


rising ???

Sunrise!? yes sunrise.

This magnificent occurrence happened in the course of an hour. The quickest Sunset to Sunrise I've ever seen! It was one of the marvelous display of God's wonderful creation as we crossed the equator and across the timeline that goes around the globe. The best reward I got from flying almost 24 hours from Asia back to the US. It was fun seeing it but my poor derriere was more than happy to be off that plane - 24 hours was enough to make a permanent butt impression on that seat! Not to say the butterfly effect of going back in time - literally...

If you missed the first Episode, you'll find it here. Come back next Wednesday for another great feature.


  1. Those are gorgeous shots! I left you an award :)


  2. Great pics! I'm surprised they let you open the shutter like hat. Several of the flights i've been on lately have been totally evil about that. "Keep the curtains closed!!!" LOL

  3. 24 hours?! My gosh, my leg is falling asleep just reading about it! LOL!

  4. You were over the north pole? How cool is that!

  5. I love taking pics on the plane, too. Feels like you own the world, hehee. Did you visit the Philippines lately? Not quite good to be there because of the typhoons I think.


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