October 5, 2009

The Race for Mom Blogging Success

I was doing my normal round of blog hopping last week and came across @BabyStephs blog where she eloquently expressed what some, if not most of us "mom bloggers" fear. Below is a quote from her blog:
"It's an odd position to be in. Knowing that in this blogging tweeting world, if you get one day or one event or conference behind, you're eating the dust of those ahead of you. It can take a while to catch up, and some won't make it." - Baby Steph
Though her statement rings true to a tee and though I feel like this on occasion, success in blogging doesn't always necessarily mean attending every available blog event or conferences that's out there today. I would like to say that there's more to it than meets the eye.

Just take @Moomettes helpful tips : 11 ways to drive traffic to your blog where one of them I was privileged to take advantage of when I was invited to guest post in her blog. Success boils down to what priorities and expectations you have set for yourself and your blogging career (yes, it is a career - just ask @Dooce).

I personally believe that attending blog events and conferences does catapults YOU as a blogger to the hilt of success ONLY because it gives you that hands-on contact with other bloggers, PR moguls and Media scouts by putting a "face" and "voice" value behind the blog you slave yourself to day and night! One thing that proved true during the Logitech Mom Mixer Event I attended in Cary NC, but this didn't necessarily mean, my blog is now a huge success. I still need to put a lot of hard work to achieve this. Everything becomes relative at this point.

Yes, most of the successful bloggers we see around us, we equate their success to their consistent presence in most blog events and conferences that's out there today. And though I agree to this being true on a certain degree, the key question is: WHAT DID THEY DO when they were in these conferences? My intelligent guess: they NETWORKED the heck out of themselves and created lasting relationships beyond virtual the whole time they were in there!

I, too, would like to populate these events and see what it will do for me - but just like you - I just can't afford it. I, too need a little help -and though yes, this is a hint that I'm looking for sponsorships for BlogHer 2010 too- you should know that your passion and your objective is the driving force in achieving the success you crave. Let them work for you. For at the end of the day, no one else is out there who will help you achieve blogging success but yourself... And if you can't do it now?
"But in reality, in reality, the Internet will probably still be here tomorrow or in two years" -Baby Steph
Yes it will...and your time, my time to shine will come once we decide to embrace it...


  1. I don't imagine I'll ever be a success by these standards. I write because I like to write. When I find folks who want to read what I have to say, I consider that to be a success.

  2. tammy howard - those were my exact thoughts reading through this post. i have really had to evaluate what my blog means to me and what i want others to get from it. and i'm okay if that means i'll never be one of the "big bloggers."

  3. Those are great tips even for those of us non-mom bloggers!

  4. I wish you all the best, Maricris. You are like a professional golfer and I'm a Sunday hacker on the blogging golf course. Thanks for the lessons.

  5. While I would love to be a big blogger, I truly don't have enough time. My real job and my real family need me haha! Thanks so much for coming past my blog. I will keep you also up-to-date with the camping!!


  6. i so agree with you. it's fun to blog and to interact but i have so much other things to do.... : (

  7. those are some good tips, once blogging stops being fun then I won't do it :)

  8. Blogging is a lot fun. That's why I do it. When people read it, it's just the greatest. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. If you don't blog because you love it, you'll never last.

  10. I thought I left a comment and it must not have gone thru! Bloggers need to know who they are clearly and not stray from that- everything else will fall into place if you keep the right perspective! (easier said than done, I know!)


  11. I was honored to have you Guest Post on my blog Maricris. While I haven't had the opportunity to attend any blogging conferences (yet) - I blog for the sheer enjoyment of being able to share information with my readers that I've learned along life's journey.

    It's so true that we feel we'll fall behind if we miss even a day of blogging. But we all must tend to our families first, and yes, some of us require sleep!


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