October 3, 2009

Why Twitter is like the Parable of the Sower

This is why.

a) You who Twitter is the sower.

b) You scatter your tweets into tweetland.

c) Some of your tweets go to the wayside where it gets ignored, unacknowledged then devoured away to old updateland.

d) Some of your tweets falls upon receptive tweeples but your tweets are not enough to generate ongoing conversation or connections. You're quickly forgotten and you're branded "who are you again bum?"- Sorry, you're just not that famous.

e) Then some of your tweets falls among circle of elite tweeples but your tweets gets quickly choked down by other famous tweeters in that stream. Again, sorry, you're just not in their famous circle band.

f) But not all is lost, some of your tweets does fall onto great tweeple streams and sparks wonderful friendships, even opportunities and lots and lots of followers and connections! Good tweeple friends that you sure want to keep for life!

You do reap what you sow.

TV Version of Follow Friday
via @wxbrad of WCNC 36
Can you find me in the list?

This docu-post was inspired by @Hellosweetworld as she points out one of the common scenarios on Twitter : tweets and twitters are ignored and unacknowledged by "famous" twitters. A sentiment also shared by others. Though Twitter can be a very noisy place most times, why do you think this is becoming a notorious phenomena?

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  1. Good question. I have NO idea why Twitter is so much a part of everyone's lives. I still am not sold. I still don't see the point, lol. Especially when "tweeples" have the ability to schedule tweets, so, folks think they are connecting to people when they really aren't.

    Maybe I'm just not cool, lol.

  2. You are famous! Yay!
    Twitter kills me with its 140 character limit. But on the bright side, it's teaching me to think "shorter". LOL
    THanks for dropping by, SITSa. ;)

  3. There you are... I found you on the list. Where in the US are you based?


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