May 23, 2012

Photologue: Me and My Pandabrella

With Elmo and Zoe at SeaWorld Orlando

If there is one thing in my possession that almost always attract attention when I utilize it, it would be my Panda Umbrella! It attracts a lot of attention, I'm almost jealous!

But on the other hand, I'm actually riding on its cuteness factor. I can't count how many random pictures were taken of me because of it. There are instances where I was stopped for a quick picture or strangers always points out how cute it is and some are brave enough to let me know. So I flaunt it!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Inside Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden at DisneyWorld 

My sidekicks getting a piece of the action at T-Rex
Downtown Disney Orlando

Want your own Panda Umbrella? Check it how and where to get it here:  Panda Umbrella

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