April 19, 2012

Countdown to Disney World - Packing the 10 Must-Haves!

In a few days, I will be bathe in Pixie Dusts and surrounded by Prince and Princesses and tons of Mickey Ears and though I'm excited out of my wits, first things first! I need to pack. Do you have any idea what to pack for an exciting trip like these? Well, if you don't, I've got some great ideas to help you survive your trek in the land of Magique!

Top on my survival packing list:

1- Walking sandals or shoes - Disney World IS a big theme park and demands lots of walking! I always arm my feet - didn't that just sound weird? arm, feet...but yes, I make sure I have a good sandal that can withstand LOTS of walking and have a great arch support (crucial for those with high arches like me). You can't risk sore feet when there's so much to discover at Disney World my friend!

My favorite sandal? Okabashi 's Classic Flip Flops! It passed my test and loved it since. Retails for $16.99.

2- Water Misters - The key here is to have one to cool you down! I was in Florida just a few weeks ago and oh boy! it can get hot in there. You wouldn't want to overheat, trust me! It won't be pleasant. So, a reliable water mister should be handy at all times!

New find: Cute Water Misters are available at Target's dollar section. Retails for $2.50.

3- Umbrella or a Cap - I utilize both! Hot, bright sun gives me headache during prolong exposure. Better to be safe than sorry. Not to say, eluding some of that harmful UV rays!

My Survival Hat? North Face Horizon Breeze Brimmer with UPF 30. It is lightweight with removable chin strap to keep hat on my head. Retails for $41.33 (Amazon)

Umbrella Extraordinaire: Panda Umbrella which we bought in China at Epcot years ago. It has been a real attention grabber every where I go. Retails for $20.00 (Amazon)

4- Sunscreen - I won't say more. I'd just say go for the natural versions. Avoiding harmful UV rays with harsh chemicals doesn't really jive!

5- Lipbalm with SPF - Hey gotta protect and preserve them good-smackin' delish lips! Cracked lips are not sexy! And not to say, it hurts. Again go with Natural versions like Burt's Bees.

6- Wipes - I can't leave home without it. It doubles up as cold towel when I get really hot out in the sun. Not to say it's great for wiping off sweaty face, sweaty feet and dirty hands!

My choice: Scott Naturals' Flushable Wipes. It smells good and good to the environment. Win! Retails for $1.99

7. Band Aids - Walking can cause blisters especially when you're wearing new sandals or shoes. It's also a great emergency kit supply for those unexpected boo-boos that most young active children gets!

8- Sunglasses - And not just any sunglasses. Make sure its got good UV ray filters. Or you can just go for those trendy, celebrity-like sunglasses if that's what floats your boat. The thing is, you need to protect them cute sparkly eyes!

9- Hand Sanitizer - I'm no germophobic but when you're in the park, restrooms can be far in between. And when you need to wash your hands it is sometimes easier to just use hand-sanitizers. It's also crucial when you have small children with you. 

I love EO's Hand Sanitizer spray Organic Lavender .33oz. It uses essential oils and plant-based ingredients. Retails $1.99.

10- Swimsuit - Hey, possibilities are endless. You might end up visiting the spa or take a swim in your resort pool at the end of a hot day at the park. Better come prepared. Besides, skinny dipping not allowed you know!

My swimsuit of choice? Swimdress! It's versatile. I can hop from the pool and can walk straight to the park if I want to with less hassle.

Pack right Chicos and Chicas! Attending the Disney Social Media Celebration or going to Disney World? If you are, come say "HI", will you?

Check this out: On the Road: Disney on the Cheap - Great planning/frugal tips for families driving to Disney!

**Products featured here are items I personally use or own and recommend. This is not a sponsored post.**


  1. Great items to pack, Maricris! Looking forward to seeing you next week. :)

  2. Thanks for the post and a few ideas we haven't thought of, we're looking forward to meeting you Maricris! Less than a week away!!!


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