March 27, 2011

Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2011

If there was anything notably different about this year's conference besides the fun and brilliant speakers in the likes of Rene Syler, author and former Anchor of Early Show on CBS and Facebook's Director of Marketing Development, Matt Jacobson - it would be the warm weather of Florida! Certainly, a welcomed contrast to the cold, chilly weather experienced last year. Warm weather definitely ruled. One that delighted both attendees and their families!

Though, this year's conference is utterly different than last year in so many ways, I preferably enjoyed the one-day session this year, which was comparably enjoyable and highly interactive to the amusement of everyone!
David Tutera, renowned celebrity wedding planner and host of My Fairy Wedding TV show was the big treat on the first day. It's no surprise all the women in the room swooned with excitement!
Rene Syler rocked the house with her comic antics and downright honesty. Such a brave woman getting rid of her boobies as a proactive approach to bypassing the threat of breast cancer. One who learned to embrace her natural curls after losing them from a freak chemical reaction to a hair treatment. A blogger who blogs inside her closet. Funny will not begin to describe this hilarious lady! Not a wonder she acquired raving fans that day like my lovely pals Connie of Brain Foggles and Lisa of Crazy Adventures in Parenting.
Watching Matt Jacobson speak is like watching a satirical stand-up comedy show. It's a tad funny and tad spicy but highly entertaining nonetheless. Being from Facebook {and their notable growing pains} he was a sitting duck in the midst of users with valid issues and complaints on the site. I commend him though for taking everything with undeterred poise and grace. My NC gal pal Sarah of Real life captured the majority of his talk.
Fran Capo, 5x Guiness Book World Record holder for Fastest talking female also made an appearance and wowed the crowd with her fast talking talents. Chris Brogan was invited back to speak again this year and gave away some of his books. Musical entertainment was provided by Susan Egan and Georgia Stitt who did an awesome job serenading a room full of stressed-out moms.

The private dinner for both attendees and families on the third night shared with Disney's Magic Healthy Living participants and winners started with a private interview with celebrities including Jennifer Stone {Harper}of Wizard of Waverly Place, Alyson Stoner {Isabella's voice} of Phineas and Ferb, followed by a mini-concert  as we ate and finished off with a dessert party under the fireworks of Illuminations at Epcot as an official end to the conference. In spite of the undesirable glitches and blunders experienced at Grand Floridian on the first day and duration of the conference, the magic of being at Disney compensated for most of it.
Here's hoping to get the Golden ticket for 2012!


  1. Wish we would have crossed paths so I could have hugged the crapola out of you!!! <3

  2. I love your recap! And I saw you on the Kashi commercial!!!! I scared my husband I pointed at the TV and screamed: "BLOGGER!!!!" So happy for you!

  3. It's easy to forget about the check in issues and the healthy dinner on day 3, when so many magical things happened in between. One of them was getting to talk to you!

  4. I LOVED meeting you IRL at DisneySMMoms! I've got tons of Disney content I'm writing but wanted to go ahead and link to the latest one. Let's keep in touch!


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