March 28, 2011

Let the Memories Begin...A story of Friendship sprinkled with Magic

"Let the memories begin!" This is Disney's new catchphrase for this year, which can be seen plastered all over the parks and their resort hotels and the welcoming sight as soon as you enter the Magical world that is, Disney. It encourages making memories that are not just memories, but truly magical memories and wonders to last a lifetime. One that touched not only our lives but the life of one particular girl... This is her Cinderella story...

But we'll get to this girl in a bit.

First the once upon a time...Going to conferences with my family has ALWAYS been an easy choice.  I ALWAYS want them with me {making memories as Disney would say} - which is in contrast to most of the moms I've spoken with at this conference. Going to conferences are part of their "me" time. Or their budget don't allow it. I get that. But being the Mother Hen that is me, I can't leave the coop without them. So they tag along with me whenever possible! At all cost. More so when the venue is Disney!

They add to the memories.
These conferences means more to me than just learning and connecting. It has brought unexpected and lasting friendships to my daughter which in return enabled her to leave an indelible imprint in the life of those kids she touches and vice versa. Friendships that extends to us, parents. Memories that are encapsulated in my heart and hers forever - creating a bond that can't be broken. Memories that keeps the friendship alive even after the conference is long done and sustaining it beyond the turn of time. Even in spite of the distance that sets them apart.
Reunions. That is how it's like when we reconnect with the families we've become friends with at conferences. That's how it is with our children too. Like they've never been apart at all. The bond is there. And the friendship keeps growing. Memories keeps multiplying. These are one of the things we look forward to when going to conferences. It's not just for me. It's also for my daughter and the friends she'd made. 

And the girl? Well, my daughter met her on the second night at Disney while we were there for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. She was sitting next to an empty seat on the bus heading to Hollywood Studios for our private dinner. My daughter decided to sit next to her. She started talking to the girl. Her small talk turned into chatter that molded a bond. A friendship.

Ah what could be so special about this you say? Nothing extraordinary about it at all. You're probably thinking... "Little girl meets another girl. They become friends. Simple. End of story. Right?" Wrong! 

For years, this girl never had any friends. She's 8 and was ostracized at her school because she can't connect socially. "I decided that I will bring her to bibbidi bobbidi boutique and give her a princess treatment. Buy her the most expensive princess dress because she's got nothing, at least this way, she'll have something" her mom said which pierced through my heart. "And now she's made friends!" - A breakthrough!

"You don't know how profound this is..". Her mom continued to narrate. I, on the other hand was stunned as I watch this quiet girl chattering loud along side my daughter. Even dancing and singing at the dance floor with her. They became inseparable that night. It made me feel like my daughter was the fairy Godmother and transformed this girl into Cinderella. She brought that wonderful girl out from within and gave her something. Something so simple yet so precious. Just like Cinderella, from having nothing, now, she's gotten something. And the best thing about it? My daughter never had any clue just what she did. Priceless...

These are the kinds of memories and opportunities in life that I don't want my daughter to miss. And I want to experience them together as a family. Truly magical if you ask me. This is why I ALWAYS want them with me. At All cost. Pretty simple, right? RIGHT! What about you? What additional perks in life do you get at conferences?


  1. MAricris, I have tears in my eyes! What an amazing story, and it shows how you've raised your daughter to be just like you: open, caring, loving, friendly. Such a treasure!

  2. I haven't been to a conference in a long time, and mine aren't usually repeats; however, now I want to start going. ☺

    What a fabulous mama who was hoping to give her daughter something to hold on to. Something to feel good about. Something to inspire happiness and dreams!

    What an amazing little girl you have, Maricris, who can reach out to someone and make her feel special (even if she didn't realize that's what she was doing). That's truly a gift.

    The best part, is that "Cinderella" will never, ever forget that day. It will likely have a great impact on her life because it sounds like it was a turning point for her. I wish her all the love and happiness she deserves! ♥

  3. What a beautiful thing to happen, for that little girl and for your daughter. Thanks for sharing this, Maricris! Your kids have a great mommy who is teaching them well about reaching out to others.

  4. Wow that truly brought tears to my eyes. Disney truly is a magical place and I was glad to see you again! :)

  5. Ok, now I'm in a puddle of tears too. I don't think I ever shared the original post on this story with you:

    Your daughter touched my girl's heart and self confidence in a way that will stay with her for the rest of her life. Thank you so much for raising such a kind hearted child. It was a pleasure to get to know her and her wonderful parents!

  6. Your daughter is so special - I remember from last year! ((hugs)) to her!

  7. Oh Maricris, thank you for sharing this post with me. I had so badly wanted to go to Disney but didn't get accepted. Now I wish even more I had.

    I wish all parents would teach their children like you have. What a blessing your daughter was to this little girl.


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