April 21, 2012

Fashion Week: Fresh Produce Twist Front dress Review

Zensible Mama in Fresh Produce Twist Front Dress - in Black
Dresses are the ultimate symbol of a woman's femininity but on the onset I'll tell you now that I'm not a dress person! I always preferred the more tomboyish outfits to a girly skirt or dress. Now that I'm older, I still possess the same trait but mellowed somehow. I've started venturing into the world of girly-ness but I tend to be very picky at what type of style of dress I wear. Now being petite myself, finding the right dress for me makes it rather more difficult when shopping at a "regular" store and when shopping online. This considering, I was afraid Fresh Produce Twist Front Dress would be a disappointment.

Yet what a huge surprise! The dress actually fit me the way I wanted it to:
  • I like how it drape on my body. Not snug but just right.
  • The twist on the front adds an elegant flair to it and still maintaining a versatile appeal where the dress can be worn at any occasion. 
  • You can dress up or down! It's a dress that every picky woman like me should have!
  • The fabric is thick and quality of the overall design is impressive.
  • It has a slimming property. The cut and style of the dress hides "unwanted bulges" especially on the belly area. Thanks to the twist on the front!

My only regret is that I never got the chance to wear the dress at the conference where I was a speaker. I would have loved flaunting the dress. Unfortunately, it got pretty hot in Florida and with the thick fabric of the dress, it just wasn't a suitable choice at that point. I did get the chance to wear it back in Charlotte though during a meeting with my daughter's teacher. Perfect for the moderately milder weather we currently have and befitting of the occasion I wore it to. Can I just say, I felt all girly? Well, I sure did.

Fresh Produce Twist Front Dress shown in black and brown retails for $79.00
Photos courtesy of Fresh Produce

The dress is now one of my favorites! And count on it, I will be wearing this dress a lot whenever the opportunity presents itself. Fresh Produce has other pretty dresses and they also cater to plus sizes and kid's clothing. Check them out and you may just find something that totally spells YOU!

**Fresh Produce provided the dress to facilitate this review**

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  1. Plus size dresses are so hard to find sometimes, especially ones that I actually feel comfortable in. I love the dress you picked, you look gorgeous.


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