April 23, 2012

New Purple Hello Kitty From Build-A-Bear Workshop

Purple Hello Kitty by Sanrio - New at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Purple is one of my favorite colors and Hello Kitty is one of my favorite brands growing up in the Philippines. Can you see how perfect the Purple Hello Kitty is for me? It sure is. I'd say I'll never be too old for either purple or Hello Kitty! Ever.

But of course, there's a slight variation to my situation now. I have a daughter who shares the same affinity to both which means I get the pleasure of enjoying ownership of the Purple Hello Kitty with her. Though she of course, gets more play time with the Kitty and establishes ownership of it close to 100%! Yup. Can't be helped. The little one always gets first dibs! And I love it that she loves it just as much as I do! Enough that it was the only stuffed doll that traveled with us during our recent road trip to Florida!

My daughter was inseparable with the doll and held it close every time she falls asleep while she is in the car. I thought that was really sweet. One particular touching moment was when we were on our drive home to Charlotte and she wasn't feeling well. She had the Purple Kitty strapped with her on the seat while she sleeps, even up to the point when she wanted her Mama sit next to her for some mama comfort. Precious!

What we love about the Purple Hello Kitty: 
  • Unique color - perfect choice if I must say so!
  • Embroidery on Paw - The word LOVE is embroidered on it's left leg paw with the "O" in the image of Hello Kitty! 
  • Color of Fabric on Paw - I like that the fabric used is vibrant and is rainbow-colored.

The doll is fun and trendy and is truly adorable! Best of all, my daughter likes it as much as I do! It's a doll totally made for girly girls, even the girly grown ups... and that's for sure! Oh and add that's it's got a pretty nice Spring color too! Purple the color of the Royals - so me! - Ok just kidding.

**Build-A-Bear Workshop provided the Purple Hello Kitty to facilitate this review and for being one of their 15 Blogger Friends**


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