April 16, 2012

On-The-Road Experience With The Toyota Sienna 2012

The next Swagger Wagon Family with the Toyota Sienna 2012 basking in the warmth of  the Florida heat!
Travel have been a huge part of my family at the very start of the year and some of these travels we opt to drive like at our recent road trip to Florida where we went to Fort Lauderdale for She Streams conference where I was a speaker and then a short stop to Kissimmee where I was on assignment for Visit Kissimmee and mini-vacation all rolled into one. Now, road trips are not new to us but the Toyota Sienna is. And mind you! Not just any Sienna, this is a fully-loaded Sienna! This is why we were quite overjoyed to have the van to our perusal on this trip! And I tell you, it didn't take long to feel like we were the new Swagger Wagon family!

As it turns out, this van is a looker too! Families in our neighborhood who are mini-van fan (Oh that rhymes!) can't help noticing this sleek van and we were asked about it quite a few times. It almost always want me to belt out this swagger wagon lyrics "We rock the SE, not an SUV, And it’s true, if I were you, I’d be jealous of me…" everytime!

My family fell head over heels in love with the Sienna which we thought impossible. We are SUV-type-of-people, people! But we did anyway, and now, we have a good idea which car (or van) we'll have next! This van had been a very smooth ride all throughout the trip and also totally met our requirements in a car for all the traveling we do!  

So, yes! We be the Swagger Wagon family. And while I chant the song... Come and watch our video documentary of our road trip and have fun with us and the Toyota Sienna 2012.

We were not able to utilize the Entune feature of the car since it's not our car and VIN can't be identified during the sign up. We did however, had tons of music option via the satellite radio which we were pleased with. And the backseat video feature was a huge hit with my daughter! Total win!

Sayonara Sienna...we'll meet again...for now back to my Jeep.

Stay tuned for a detailed look at why we fell in love with this van! And yes, we totally rocked it!  Are you a Swagger Wagon Family?

**Toyota USA provided the car for this trip as a part of being a member of the Toyota Women Influencer Network (TWIN)**

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