April 11, 2012

Road Trip Docu-Series Made Possible by AT&T - Part 1

Zensible Mama and Geek Papa on a road trip adventure
documented and connected by AT&T

As a frequent traveler, being on the road and maintaining a seamless connection to keep up with your virtual world can sometimes become a daunting task, add annoying, when internet connection is either flaky or non-existent! During my recent travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for She Streams Conference, AT&T took the challenge by arming me with a smartphone and providing me it's 4G power to help me document our road trip experience so we can share it to the world, our family and friends IN REAL TIME!

Working seamlessly with the power of AT&T

Our journey started VERY early in the morning in Charlotte and from there spent about 12 hours on the road. A lot of hours to spend on the car if I must say! Boredom can easily creep in before you know it. Thanks to AT&T's 4G and 4G LTE who during those times provided relatively strong connection to the internet to where I was able to continue work and maintain connection online while inside the car and on the road. Some areas were spotty but all throughout it was good overall. I was pleased with the experience. Not bad AT&T. Made me prouder to be a customer for years now.

And for your viewing pleasure, I present to you Part 1 of the travel documentary I did during our drive to Fort Lauderdale and my whole experience at She Streams via photos and videos combined! Watch and enjoy!

Watch this on YouTube: Road Trip Documentary with AT&T

Thank you AT&T. You lived up to the challenge! Even your performance when I employed tethering to use my phone as a hotspot for our other geek gadgets were impressive. You sure made one big fan out of me!

Make sure to watch out for Part 2. You may just see lots of familiar faces on that edition! Add tons of fun and excitement all thrown in!

**AT&T provided the phone and service to facilitate this promotional campaign as part of being a sponsor of She Streams conference**


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