April 17, 2012

Toyota Sienna 2012 - What's Not To Love?

Toyota Sienna 2012 Looking Pretty on my driveway!

During our recent trip to Florida, My little traveling Crew were privileged to have the fully-loaded Sienna 2012 to our personal use for the entire duration of the trip! And what a ride this car was! It truly was a fun opportunity to drive the car and test out our SwaggerWagonability!  I'll tell you now that I have always been a solid SUV kind-of-gal but this van broke me! Not in that way you're thinking but you know what I mean! What got me to convert? A lot actually.

But let me start by presenting to you my fun little video showing you what made us fall in love with this van! I promise you'll want to see this! 

More that we love:

Hubby's top pick: 
GPS navigation system display feature - specifically where the system displays an info box containing essential informations like what facility is near the area, how far and where it is located on the side of the navigation screen. It helps a lot when you really, really need a rest area! You at least have an idea how long you need to hold it in, you know what I'm saying... If you don't understand what I'm talking about, just look at the picture above!

My Top Picks:
The roominess of the front seat - where I can actually put my huge "woman travel bag" next to me in the front passenger seat and still have lots of leg room. This has always been an issue with our current car.

The built-in window "sun screen" at the backseat - I love that you can roll it up and down with ease and that my daughter is shielded from the sun and not getting roasted while she is sleeping! Yes, I'm totally being a mom here. 

I can go on and on and keep raving about why we fell in love with this van but to make the story short, what I'm telling you is that, what's not to love about it? We're totally sold on this vehicle and don't be surprised if we do end up getting this for our next car!

Are you a van fan? What do you think of the Sienna?

**Toyota USA provided the car for this trip as a part of being a member of the Toyota Women Influencer Network (TWIN)**


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