March 24, 2012

Road Trip to SheStreams Powered by AT&T 4G LTE

Traveling has always been a part of my being and without it, it's just not me. It is a bug that I have successfully passed on to my family. Not that they are complaining, they actually love it as much as I do. And so, just barely settled back from my recent trip to California, here I'm gearing up for yet another trip of many! This time a road trip with my family to Fort Lauderdale in Florida for SheStreams '12 Conference! The exciting thing about it? I get to document the fun and adventures (maybe even a bit of misadventures) during our drive and the rest of my time at the conference, all in real time! Thanks to AT&T and the power of 4G LTE!

For the past few days, I have been test-driving the ability of 4G and 4G LTE and getting used to the capability and feature of AT&T's Pantech Burst smartphone to get me equipped and ready prior to our upcoming trip next week. It will be a long drive. Approximately 12 hours excluding the stops. Being totally aware of the smartphone's performance is crucial. So far, I like the way how the phone functions with just a few minor technical "weaknesses", mainly fast battery discharge and low image and video resolutions which I have found a way to compensate. Over all, I'm confident I'm ready to get on that road and be the great vlogger and aspiring photographer that people know me for. So yeah, bring it! Yo! I'm ready for the challenge.

My Android phones - both on the AT&T network - so totally geeking out with it!

So, if you see me right now, toting two Smartphones in my hands, just ssshush! It is me getting acquainted with one phone and keeping up with my virtual world on the other phone. Not so complicated am I?

If you're heading to SheStreams, holler at me! Or quietly say Hi. Whichever works for you works for me. I'm going to be speaking in the Power Moms Panel Session from 4:10 PM-5:00 PM on March 30th with the ever-fabulous Maria Bailey and great ladies: Nirasha Jaganath, Molly Gold and Daisy Sutherland. I can't believe I'll be surrounded with the awesomeness of these beautiful ladies! Whom I also all consider good friends online and IRL! I'm short of nothing but blessed!

To learn more about SheStreams check then head over to take a peek at the roster of great 2012 Speakers. See who you find in the list! For full conference schedule you can check here:

A personal THANK YOU to Maria Bailey for making it possible for me to attend this conference. I can't thank her enough for her generosity and for believing in me!

Please stay tuned for more exciting updates, posts and videos of this upcoming journey!

*Conference and hotel is sponsored by SheStreams and AT&T provided the Pantech Burst Smartphone with 30 days service to facilitate review of their device before and during the conference*  

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  1. Traveling in style need not be expensive. I love your take on how you maximize your travels by making sure you only got essential needs handy. Good job!


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