March 26, 2012

Another Year of Making Magical Memories At Disney Social Media Moms 2012

Glad to be seeing you again Mickey! - Zensible Mama in Disneyland

It's that time of the year. Disney Mania! If there is a conference that's highly anticipated by my family each year, it's the widely coveted Disney Social Media Moms at DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida! And rightly so. Not only is it an exclusive, highly celebrated event, IT IS most importantly held inside the most magical place on earth and hosted by Disney itself! No wonder, it always seem like winning the Golden Ticket every time one gets invited or yet again re-invited each year. At that point, you're beyond blessed! That's how I look at it anyway. And yes, I'm blessed to be invited again this year! I'm ecstatic. My family is ecstatic. I'm sure you can't fault us for that, can you?

The mystique of the first year was all about enchantment. The second year, delightful. This year, to me, is nothing but filled with anticipation and wonderment. With the recent change of making the conference by-invite only, Disney has further established a higher desirability level to this already most-desired event each year. It has in a sense become a status quo. An achievement to be a part of every year. This is the magic that only Disney can impart. And I'm quite grateful to be a part of it for the 3rd year since it's inception. I feel like Charlie of Willy Wonka each year I get invited. The joy of winning the Golden Ticket!

And so the countdown begins. 35 days more until the Celebration (probably less by the time you read this). I can't wait to see and hangout with friends once again and of course meet new ones! Best of all, I can't wait to find out what magical things and information-rich workshops Disney has in store for us this year...

And you know what my first order of the day prior to the conference? Buy a good pair of walking shoes! You wouldn't want to get caught without it. I'm leaving for SheStreams Conference next week and after I get back, I pretty much have an idea that you know what I'm going to do next! If you're attending this year and I haven't met you before, I would love to meet you!

My good friend MJ Tam have created a Facebook page for DisneySMMoms 2012 attendees. If you aren't included yet, let me know and I will add you in. Great place to connect before the conference!

*Disney will be providing rooms, meals and park tickets for me and my family as part of the conference package, at a very reduced rate.*

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  1. I have been watching the twitter stream since before the invites went out. Can't even tell you how many times I checked and double checked my spam folder but alas no pixie dust for me.

    I am however extremely excited for those of you going. Perhaps someday I too will be blessed with a pixie dusted invite but until then I shall live vicariously though you and your family's excitement.

    Have a wonderful time.


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