May 2, 2011

On The Road: Disney on the Cheap

Summer will be here before you know it. That means vacation. Which means travel. Most people plan their visit to Disney during these times. I was at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Disneyworld last month  and though part of the conference was sponsored by Disney, being IN Disney by itself is NOT cheap! And I'm sure you already know that. But do you know that there's a frugal way of saving some big bucks by doing some simple things? Here at Zensible Mama, we have a travel creed that we live by. See if's the same with yours.

These are great during road travels:
  1. Invest on an Electric Cooler - This will help you bring perishable staples like milk for your cereals and more. Having a cooler during road travel helped us still eat healthy and most of all saved us lunch and breakfast money. It's like being home though away from home.
  2. Bring your Pantry/Kitchen - Literally. We don't travel light during road trips for a very good reason. To save money and not waste food. Thus, we bring all packable necessities: Cereals, milk, creamer, coffee {Starbuck's Via}, bread, jams, snack, water, you name it! This is why investing on number 1 is a great idea.
  3. Pack a Survivor Back-Pack - We're pack mules. Walking around the parks is not a joke. You spend money just walking around. Top of that is you get thirsty and even water are quite expensive! We fill the our back pack with snacks, fruits, drinks and most of all tons of water on reusable water bottles. 
  4.  Designate Recreation Cash Allowance - Going to Parks like Disney can easily blow up your budget. By setting a certain budget, we've managed not using our plastics more than necessary. Each one in the family have allotted budgets. 
  5. Bring travel appliances - We're coffee and tea drinkers. Bringing our water pot with us means coffee and tea on the go anytime. Saves us few dollars too!

What travel creed do you live by? 

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  1. Those are great tips. When we vacationed as kids my dad used to pay 50 cents to the kid who ate the cheapest meal, so all we wanted to order was the grilled cheese sandwich and water!

  2. Love these tips, thanks! Gives me a good idea on how to pack & being able to spend less on the small things and more on my family having fun. Can't wait to go to DISNEY! :)

  3. Great tip Maricris. I won't be driving but some of these tips will still help out. This year I will be sure to pack a couple of reusable water bottles. That in itself will save a lot I'm sure. We drink a lot of water.


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