December 30, 2010

Close Encounter with California and the Joshua Trees!

Kumusta from California! Yes we made it in the {not-so} sunny {windy, rainy} state of Californication! After an eventful encounter with TSA in Charlotte, a gruelling 5 hours flight spiced with subtle turbulence above Colorado, an earache { partnered with howls and screams by you know who}, an annoying experience with Budget rental cars, an hour drive from main city LA to the high desert ~ Yes! Our visit a.k.a "vacation" have officially culminated!
Me and the famous Joshua Tree ~ indigenous in the Antelope Valley
and behind me on the horizon is downtown LA

I was here 5 years ago but this is the first time I managed to actually scout the parameters of the valley's landscape and take a closer look at the unfamiliar sights blaring before me, one such thing as the Joshua Tree. Predominantly, the only tree growing in abundance in the high desert counties of both Lancaster and Palmdale { Principal cities of Antelope Valley and located North of LA}.
LA *down below - visible from the high elevation of Antelope Valley
*A local lingo that refers subjectively to "going to LA"

I can see the entire proximity of LA from where I was standing when I took that picture above. It was a lovely sight! 
The winding road by the hills that leads to my second home
Night's dawning as Sun Sets behind Tehachapi Mountains 

 Tehachapi Mountains by day at the heart of downtown Lancaster

I've seen quite a few many of these bushes too but have no clue what they are. Anyone from California can tell me what this is?

I can candidly say, we're having a blast. No, I'm having a blast! In spite of the wicked rain and winds that flipped several cars in the freeway, it's great to be here...Truly lovin' the Californication experience! Great to be with my mom...

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  1. Looks stunning! Hope you enjoyed your time there :)

  2. Did you know I was already feeling homesick? I'm a Cali girl transplanted to Maryland. This post was like going home. THANKS

  3. Wish I could be there with you! I grew up in CA and miss it. Glad you're having fun despite the rains!

  4. Yikes! Wind that flipped cars? Your pictures are great! So glad you are having so much fun... in the rain? Happy New year!

  5. Glad you had a great time! Vacations are fun :)


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