November 30, 2010

Nokia E73 Mode - Smartphone with an Attitude

I have been around Smartphones like Nokia for ages that it has become quite easy for me to tell which will work for me and not. As a working mom who is a self-confessed geek like myself, I require a phone that caters to my specific requirements. Think of scheduler, planner, journal etc.- applications that will help organize my hectic life! Nokia E73 Mode seem to possess these qualities and I had the privilege of putting it to the test!

Nokia E73 Mode stellar feature is it's ability to switch to two customizable screens and stores data separately. It was designed in a way to organize one's life between the personal from work. A feature that seem to have been structured to appeal to business people and those that works like me. Though in my opinion, I would say it would work pretty well with busy moms with busy schedule as well!

Check my VidVue™ below to see the rest 
of my thoughts on Nokia E73.

What brand of Smartphone do you use and why do you like it?

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**Product has been provided for trial by WOM World in behalf of Nokia**


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