December 1, 2010

My Birthday Blessings - A Toy drive to Celebrate the Life of Homeless Children

I was born 3 days before Christmas and you know what that means when it comes to gifting! Most often that not, I would get one gift for both my Birthday and Christmas. Though I hated it then, I'm thankful now that I was able to celebrate my birthday and get gifts when I was growing up. One thing that is considered a luxury growing up in Asia and being poor. Truly, it was a blessing to be able to celebrate my birthday every year back then.
I'm older now. I no longer celebrate my birthdays nor get gifts for it but that doesn't stop me from making a difference in honor of my birthday by paying it forward to the homeless children in my community who could not afford to celebrate their birthdays or even Christmas this year! So me gives!

Here are staggering figures in my County alone: 
  • 3,237 identified homeless children are enrolled in public schools
  • 42% of homeless children are under the age of six. 
  • North Carolina rates 44 (1=best; 50=worst) in Overall Rank for Child Homelessness. 
I myself, have a 6 year old child and how terribly sad to think that kids her age have to go through this unfortunate situation. It is my hope that by doing this Toy drive for them through Birthday Blessings that we can bring some happiness to these children by way of a gift! A way to also teach my child the gift of giving.

I hope to collect enough toys with your help. I have called on to my friends for help. I have even invited my entire neighborhood to my birthday party just so to get more donations! But, I specially call on to Toy brands and companies to get on board and donate some of their toys. As a thank you, donators will be featured here. 

If interested and to get the details to where to send donations, please submit your contact info HERE to help us facilitate the process smoothly. I'm counting on you!  

Here is what's needed by Dec 12th {day of the event}:
Unwrapped Toys for all ages

Please help me make this happen. Be part of a wonderful endeavor! And give me the best gift ever this year! Best gift for a homeless child! Thank you!

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  1. Happy upcoming birthday from one Sagittarius to another (December 6th), I have people who try to buy me birthday and Christmas together do I have to buy you a birthday present then?? Boo!! I think that Birthday Blessings is an amazing program! We've been trying to figure out something to do with Miss A (and Baby C too) so they will know the true giving spirit of Christmas but hoping to find something that's tangible where Miss A can meet the children/people directly effected. Do you know if Birthday Blessings does anything like that??


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