June 15, 2010

A Picnic to Remember

Inspite of the smoldering 98 degree weather, sweaty armpits and literally melting under the heat of the sun, the Hebrew National Better-than-a-picnic Picnic was by itself a hit! Not hugely attended as hoped - Thanks (nah!) to Taste of Charlotte Festival who corralled the majority of the Charlotte population that day - Nonetheless, it was F.U.N knowing we're also doing the event with a great cause for Charity! And like what a true (sweaty, sticky) entertainment host would say, the show must go on! And that we did...
A few of my birthday card creations - Now look way yonder. 
Camera man from WSOCTV9 taking a live vid of the event.

What we lacked in crowd presence was compensated by the swarm of media stations that covered the event. We had WSOCTV 9, News14, WBTV3 and 2 radio stations! One of them even camped out at the grounds and provided music and some games!

 Here's another one. Cameraman  from WBTV3 taking a live video of us

The kids had tons of fun at the Craft Table and they, after a while, transformed into card-making machines especially when they were told that the cards they were making were for less fortunate kids. Yeehaw!
Besides the birthday cards, a great number of unwrapped toy donations for Birthday Blessings (our service project recipient) were also received! What a blessing it was indeed.
As for me, one of my cherished moments besides my friends and family having a blast and experiencing a great work of charity and being involved as a host for a brand like Hebrew National, is connecting, meeting and creating new friends beyond the realm of the virtual world that is online!
Meeting for the first time:
Rebecca, Me, Julie, Brittany and Emily (co-founder of The Motherhood)
And of course, let's not forget THE BULL, er, the undefeated, untamed mechanical bull! Everything was good. Hotdogs were good. I'm good... here's hoping to see the bull back next year and hopefully that time it won't be as hot! Cheers!!!


  1. A great post about a great event! I really enjoyed getting to meet you and the other blogging women on Sunday. I'm looking forward to seeing more of everyone in the upcoming months. See you at Type A!

  2. Oh the heat! It was *almost* unbearable! It was so great to meet you! I think taste of charlotte was empty too - too hot!

    I did not see anything on the news did you?

    See you soon!

  3. Thanks again for supporting Birthday Blessings at the picnic. We received tons of donations, and for that, I am very grateful! Sorry I couldn't make it, but it looks like everyone had fun!


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