June 21, 2010

Connecting in the CyBEARspace and beyond at Build-A-Bear Workshop Conference

I have a headache right now but no, that's not the reason why I'm attempting to write this post tonight. Thing is, I'm embarking on a road trip on Wednesday and I wanted to make sure you know where I'm going and why this blog may not be updated for a few days. Let's call it, my FYI post. Don't know what FYI is? Oh, It's an office lingo that I love to use which means For Your Information - which does sound a bit sassy, don't you think?

Now you all know that last week, Zen Mama co-hosted the Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic, right? Now let me tell you that the resounding consensus from the co-hosts was that how much opportunity blogging has opened up for them which they never thought possible. No surprise there! Add to that the connection they have made! We all have made. Personally, for me, connecting is the key to why I attend events and take part on projects. To me, nothing beats establishing friendships beyond offline and helping me grow in this community.

And this is why I'm embarking on this 12 hour road trip, yes 12 hours! Because of the friendships I have made and more that I may make. I'm definitely so privileged to be invited to attend the exclusive Connecting in the CyBear Century Conference - the first brand building learning session by Build-A-Bear Workshop intended for bloggers in the Midwest! And I, coming from the East and being part of it is truly an honor! This is also not just a chance to learn but also a chance to connect and reconnect with bloggy friends whom I met during the first Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Florida in February of this year! Then top that with me seeing and touring the World Bearquarters!

Best of all, I would get to see one of my favorite people in the world again! I totally heart her... She's Beary Pawsome!
Disney Social Media Moms Conference

Though I'm dreading this looonnngggg trip, I'm nonetheless,very excited about it as well. And why not? Being in the land of cuddly bears doesn't happen all the time! So this is where I'm going and If you're going, I can't wait to meet you there! Now to take care of this headache...and please wish us safe travels.


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