June 27, 2010

Why My Cup is always Half-full and Not Half-Empty

It was about 1:00 am when we finally pulled into my driveway this morning after a long - when I say long, think 15 hour straight drive - from Missouri. We (hubby, I and little girl) were half-dazed, half-awake and at the verge of crashing down the ground asleep but painstakingly managed to drag ourselves and our loads into the house. It did not dawn on me that we were finally home until the little girl went about her usual "I-feel-odd-being-home-comfort-me-mode" and made the night, should I say, a bit more interesting! To two tired parents, that just simply translates to a "long annoying night! Or to us "morning"... Ah, life never ceases to surprise.

After the drama dissipated, my weary, tired self finally crashed and went to slumber. As the Sandman gently rock me to sleep, my thoughts wandered off to the two days past at Build A Bear Workshop Conference, specifically at the time we were leaving the hotel while we were packing the luggage cart - I casually stated "why is it that we always go home with more whenever we go somewhere?" More. Yes more.

What a poignant realization of how life truly is! We tend to limit ourselves all the time but life always give us something more. Yes more. This is what I experienced at the BABW Connect Conference, More! Not just fresh ideas and added skills but moreso, new friendships and lasting connections.

This is why I chose my cup to be half-full for it teems with life but still offers room for more.To say it's half-empty only connotates a continuous lack that may or may never be filled no matter what life brings my way. Thank you to companies with a heart like BABW and Maxine Clark whose generosity transcends beyond the thick corporate walls. Their greatness fills half of my cup!

Now if you'll give me a moment to catch up with my brain and absorb all the information I've learned, I will try to fill your cup in return.

For...My cup overflows with blessings. Psalms 23:5 What about your cup? Is it half-full or half-empty?


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