November 19, 2008

Twitter Power - Harnessing its' potential

Lately, I have been "obsessed" or "possessed" (for lack of a better term) with this cute little blue birdie.

I bet you know who this little blue birdie is even w/o that little hint from my post title above. Unless of course, you're one of those seemingly conservative genre trap in the computer cave age who don't want change...well, then... you're missing a lot! - But of course, this is what I think (and so does a million others).

Inspite of its' ridiculous "growing pains" , a lot of us are addicted to it simply because it is so much like SMS texting! And the fact that it's got great potential as a powerful marketing tool is a plus (eventho SOME marketing guru frown upon this assertion) and to me, it works! Definitely a great way of finding & accessing potential customers and connecting with other people of interest in real time and "advertising" your product (or Blog ) straight to the audience at hand without having to pay ridiculous fees! Talk about free AD Campaign. That's the beauty of Twitter!

Now you don't need to Twitter each day (like most of us do) to get the benefit, but having a set schedule works best too. The key point is having an established presence in the fold so people will start "knowing" you. And when you tweet, always use catchy, quirky or relevant ones to get attention depending on who your target audience are and why you Tweet in the first place. Be creative! Your tweets makes other Twitterers either follow you or unfollow you. Others just don't get you so they unfollow (ouch!). Have quite a few of those. But you move on - not the end of the world...

So far, I've been getting quite a lot of followers lately which means my presence is out there! -and I'm happy. Now the debate is, do I follow them back? I think it all depends on ones' preference. 9 out 10 (like most) I follow back. Now about the dreaded unfollowers...Well, like any relationship : you're probably not their type, it just don't match and it just won't work. Nothing personal - remember, It's them NOT YOU!

For more cool stuffs about Twitter : @PRSarahevans has additional tips about Twitter. And Below are some useful tools to help your Twittering escapades a more pleasant experience (courtesy of a dear friend, Mark Salinas). Click on!

To manage your Twitter friends:

The 100 most popular Twitterers:

Who just unfollowed you : (I'm so using this one!)

Twitter app for Blackberry:

Twitter app for iphone:

Twitter app for Firefox browser:

Desktop Twitter app:

Twitterer groups by subject:

Upload your pictures to Twitter:

Wordpress plugin for Twitter:


Twitterers by subject:

URLS being posted on Twitter:

Twitterers with the most followers:

Twitter cookbook with recipes:

Adobe desktop app for Twitter:

To unfollow people who are not following you:

Tweetcloud of popular topics on Twitter in real time. Words shrink and grow:

Similar to Tinyurl - shrinks URLS :

Schedule tweets to be posted at a later date and to auto thank and autofollow new followers:

Twitter icons:

Search Twitter for specific topics:

Twitter app for Outlook express:

Find Twitterers with a similar interests:

Group or unfollow all of your unfollowers:

Follow a conversation between 2 Twitterers.

Some Cool Twitter groups:

This is just a few applications (there's a lot more out there) developed for Twitter marking its' powerful presence in the web. Come join in on the fun (addiction) and Don't you dare unfollow me now! ( I'll know who you are...*wink* )

Was this helpful to you ? Add some of your cool tips in, then, please Follow me in Twitterland.

Tweet Tweet !!!


  1. Oh, I am such a twitter addict! LOL This is a great, informative post! I like the "Quitter" link. :-) Also, where do I get the cute "birdie - follow me" twitter button? Can't seem to find the banner...thanks! Tweet ya later!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I'm trying to get into Twitter, but I forget to text during the day. I do love that you can update my text b/c I'm paying for unlimited texts and have no one to text... it is a good excuse as any. LOL.

  3. Thanks for this post. I am also a twitter junkie, on there all day, everyday! I'll be following, you better follow back or else!

  4. Oh my Goodness WOMAN!!! You did some research! I've been trying to Twitter...just can't quite get the hang of it yet. Time will tell. That whole Motrin thing happened just because of Twitter didn't it??

  5. I am embarrassed to admit I haven't twittered yet. It's not that I don't like change or new things, but I've just started blogging and just it seems so overwhelming-all the social networks and sharing and so many things that are taking up my time right now. I've finally figured out what "technorati" was (what? it's not karate for techies?) and just yesterday started Entecard. So, hopefully soon I'll be twittering too, I just have to start out shallow, LOL! :)

  6. Hi and thanks for all the Twitter tips. I daren't go on Twitter at the mo as I just don't have the time. But I'm glad it works for you.

  7. Considering the obscene amount of time i spend online it is shocking that i don't Twitter. I just haven't got around it to it yet. Plus, i'm terrified i'm going to get addicted. LOL

  8. so i'm totally in the cave age then, eh? i have never been on twitter--seen it on various blogs, but have yet to go over there. (and i'm pretty sure it is b/c i already spend enough time on blog and facebook, i don't need another site sucking more time from the things that i should be doing....) glad that you've got some following on there. that is GREAT for you!

  9. ok, so i am the cave age and haven't been to twitter yet. i've seen it around on other blogs, but have yet to go and explore (and i know the reason is b/c i already spend enough of my time on blogger and facebook that i don't need another site sucking more of my time away that i should be doing things that actually need to get done -- like cleaning my house and taking care of my boys....)

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the info you have compiled for twitter. Seems I have lots of followers, just nobody who will respond when I twitter. What's up with that? Why follow if you don't acknowledge the person you are following? As far as my review, they just contacted me and told me that I had been chosen to do it. When I signed up they had a spot in profile that you could check if you wanted to reviews. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  11. Thanks for that interesting info on Twitter. I have been considering twittering myself but was not completely sure what it was all about. It sounds really fun....I think I will check out the links you have and see what happens.

  12. These are really cool!! Thanks for compiling and sharing 'em! BTW, have I told you I love the new look?!

  13. Awesome thanks for the links!! I love to

  14. I had that WP Plugin for twitter on my other site, but I didn't activate it when I changed theme. Perhaps I should have it back. But I have a hard time twitting all the time, hehee!

  15. AWESOME! I was wondering about the unfollows. I've noticed some of my unfollowers went and followed a ton of people and once they got followed back, they unfollow to make it look like they're cool or something. It's so shady!

  16. I signed up for it, people keep adding me. But I don't really get it or use it. I'm stuck in the dark ages. If I add it to my phone, it comes as a text? Then I get charged for it?


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