January 7, 2020

[ Review ] Just Dance 2020 (Nintendo Switch Version): Pumped Up for Fun and Fitness

Image courtesy of Ubisoft

For a little backgrounder, it's probably safe to admit, with all my collection of the game, that I'm obsessed with the Just Dance platform. When it first came out, I was immediately hooked. Which for very obvious reason, having the Just Dance 2020 copy is pretty much self-explanatory.

Let's dissect the game.

The Home screen / Photo by Zensible Mama

As mentioned above, I have the digital version for Switch, which may explain some of the format being different from what I'm previously used to in its Xbox version. I've provided pictures for visual reference from my TV screen for an accurate image capture in real time.

Visually Appealing 

The selection screen have a very colorful and fun vibe to it. It is visually appealing that I think, adds to the whole experience.  It's easy to navigate and choices are well-placed. Cluttered and confusing buttons be gone. Compared to the Xbox 360 Kinect platform, this totally outshone it!

Organized Categories and Sections

The simplified and easily navigable sections offer a user-friendly experience especially for someone who is new to the Just Dance concept. I personally like that selections are grouped according to category.

The Discovery section is helpful and definitely a no-brainer. It gives you suggested song options curated for fun, quick dance, or even an intensive workout for the more extreme, exercise-enthusiast users such as I. The quick shortcut to a 15-minute workout on the top is also a nice feature. Works great if you use the game exclusively for exercising without having to browse around just to find the option, just as I would have done in its previous versions.

Themed Playlist

The Themed playlist is the bomb! I literally felt spoiled. It groups together selections great for party-dancing ( Girls Night In anyone? ), a Girl Power option featuring all female song selections, and best of 'em all, the Crazy Costumes option! Talk about being transformed into a fun character and dancing. Would I even go as far as to say, digital Cosplaying like no one's business? Heck yeah!

It can also be easily turn into a workout option in itself since it contain more than one song to give you enough to create a dance workout with.

Workout Playlist

Fitness Delight! I love what they did with this option. They've put together a selection where the 15-minute workout gives you curated song list designed for a low-intensity workout option. Great for quick pick-me-up workout or for I-don't-have-enough-energy-to-exercise times. Plus, it's customizable. You can change songs according to your preference. You can also create a playlist to cater to your need or favorite songs, or even the time duration of your workout session.

"I can already see this as a great alternative for my indoor exercise option when it's raining, utterly cold, or snowing outside and I can't do my run.

Also, the rating systems is totally desirable. Megastar or Superstar? (see image at bottom of post for reference) Who can't love that recognition? I totally dig it.

Activate Sweat Mode

Taken right after the first song in the workout

This is probably my favorite new feature of the game. It tracks your progress. Shows the calories burned and duration of your current workout. Update shows up in between songs which gives you an idea how you're doing and how long you've been working out, or how much time is left in your workout session.

Song Catalog
So much song selections to choose from, there's more than enough to set the dancefloor on fire! I love that it feature a lot of the latest hot new tunes in the market today - totalling to 40 new hot tracks and on top of more stunning universes and exclusive surprises for the players to discover!

For complete list of the songs, you can check and preview them here: Just Dance You Tube

Personal pet-peeve This is just a side note to the use of the Switch. Though the game is great, the device's game control option is not. In my opinion, Just Dance is best played hands-free. It's hard to emulate some of the hand movements when you're constantly clutching the Joy-con. It's reminiscent of Wii and it's clunky remote controller. The Joy-con is also very touch-sensitive. Nonetheless, it's a personal choice and if it works for you, go you! As for the game, I highly recommend it for an alternative fitness workout option especially for those who love to dance!

Overall, I love this version and it will get a lot of use from me. However, I may have to fight my daughter to get my hands on the Switch to be able to do that! Gamers, relate much?

Some Image reference from the Game: Image courtesy of Ubisoft

Would this qualify as an alternative solution for your New Year fitness resolution, perhaps?

I'm a Ubistar blogger Ambassador and received the review copy for free. However, it does not affect or influence my personal opinion on the product. 

Images are provided by Ubisoft unless otherwise stated. 


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