August 23, 2018

[ Contributor Review ] Cirque Du Soleil Corteo: Engaging, Mysterious, Fun

Editors Note: We received a media invite to preview the show in Charlotte NC. Our Contributor Dale shares his personal experience of the entertainment. Check his story below. 

Imagine, if you will, you’re laying in bed. You feel the tug of slumber pulling at you and you begin to fall into the Sandman’s warm embrace. Your dream begins with you lying in bed with a stream of people, your friends and family, walking towards you wailing and sobbing. One by one they approach you, touching your hand, kissing your forehead, and whispering tearful farewells.

It’s then you realize you’re dead. But you’re dreaming. Right?

And that’s how Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo begins...

A Clowns Death or Dream?
What ensues is a Clown’s dream of life’s past. His remembrances of youth. His uncertainty of what the afterlife will bring him. And the whacky, absurd, and sometimes touching twists and turns of metaphor that are ever present in the dream state.

Beyond the Stage
Being a Cirque du Soleil production, you’d expect some gravity defying acrobatics, trampoline tricks, and high-wire shenanigans. You will not be disappointed. You will also be treated to comedy, song, dance, a teeter totter duel (yes, I said a teeter totter duel), a gymnastic horizontal bar finale that is downright dizzying and so much more. And did I mention the acrobat, supported by 3 huge helium filled balloons, walking and bouncing above the audience?

The show was highly entertaining and kept the entire audience engaged with it’s magic and mystery. It even kept our 14 year old daughter’s eyes glued to the stage, and on the edge of her seat no less, instead of her cell phone. Quite the feat in this day and age.

If you enjoy Cirque du Soleil shows, this one should not be missed. If you’re looking for a show filled with magic and majesty, comedy and drama, song and dance, and more acrobatic stunts than you can shake a stick at, Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo will have you leaving mystified, mesmerized, and laughing.

Corteo in Charlotte NC / Photo by Zensible Mama

Corteo Stage. Charlotte NC / Photo by Zensible Mama

Check Cirque Du Soleil which city they're playing at next here.

***Photos courtesy of Cirque Du Soleil unless otherwise stated. 

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