April 27, 2020

Curated List of Shows To Watch on Netflix While on Extended Lockdown

I have been stuck at home like you. And one of the things I ended up doing a lot of, which will be obvious in a minute, is scour my Roku player for shows to watch, either on Netflix or Prime Video. These, among other entertainment apps I have on the player to save me from pulling my hair out. But before you judge me, this is not all I do each day! However, I'll be honest. Me and my Roku? We're best buds now.

And you're welcome! I've compiled list of shows which I think you'll find worth watching because, yes, we're in this together. I gotcha! Just one piece of warning though, some of these shows says, "your discretion advised". You know the drill. You must first double-check the show before you cozy up on that couch with your kids. If not, all consequence is your fault. No kids? Then, lucky you. Grab the popcorn and start binge-watching! Stat.

Entertainment Hotlist on Netflix:
Curated for your binging pleasure. Please note. Some are subtitled or dubbed.

Salt (Angelina Jolie - Espionage)
The Foreigner ( Jackie Chan)
Julie and Julia (Meryl Streep)
Mirror Mirror ( Snow White - Julia Roberts)
Sherlock Homes (2009 - Robert Downey Jr)
Agatha and the Truth of Murder (British)

Architectural and Interior Designs TV Series:
Grand Designs - Weird, unique building structure
Amazing Interiors - weird, unique interiors
The world's most extraordinary homes - Breathtaking building and interior designs

British DocuSeries:
Freud (Sigmund Freud / TV-MA)
The Danish Girl (First Transgender / TV-MA)(Based on True story)
The Borgias (TV-MA)
Land Girls

British and International Crime Mysteries TV Series:
Broadchurch - UK version
The Valhalla Murders - Norwegian
Border Town - Finnish
Giri/ Haji - British / Japanese
Criminal (All Country Series: Germany, France, Spain, UK)
Deep Water
The Five
London Spy (TV-MA)
Hinterland Welsh-English
Black Mirror (TV-MA)
Crashing (TV-MA)

English SCi-Fi and Thrillers TV Series:
The Witcher (TV-MA)
Dracula (TV-MA)
Merlin (TV-MA)
The Frankenstein Chronicle (TV-MA)

Crime Drama and International Docuseries:
Unbelievable (Based on True Story)
Happy Jail ( Philippines)
Story of God with Morgan Freeman
Murderous Affairs
Evil Genius (Based on True events)

American Sci-Fi , Thrillers, Action TV Series:
Locke and Key
The Sinner
The Magicians (TV-MA)
Heel on Wheels
October Factions
Long Mire 

Culture, Slice of Life and Culinary Docuseries: 
Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories - Japanese
Flavorful Origins - China Cuisine
Crash Landing on You - Korean
Hibana Sparks - Japanese
Drama World - Korean
Signal - Korean
Repair Shop - British
3 Wives One Husband
Good morning Call - Korean
Dark Tourist
Restaurants on the Edge (multi-country)
Street Food - Asia

Anohana (TV-PG)
Your Lie in April (TV-PG)
Fireworks (TV-PG)
Case Closed (TV-14) (Detective series)
Forest of Piano (TV-14)
Dragon Pilot (TV-14)
Flavors of Youth (International version) (TV-PG)
In this Corner of the world (PG-13)
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV-14)
Castlevania (TV-MA) (Dracula)
Black Butler (TV-MA)
Fairy Tail (TV-MA)
Attack on Titan (TV-MA)
Ajin (TV-MA)
The Garden of Words (TV-MA)
I lost My Body (TV-MA)

Stand Up Comedy:
Vir Das (India) (multiple show)
Kevin Hart (multiple show)
Fakkah Fuzz (Malaysian / Singapore)
Gabriel Iglesias (multiple show)
Leslie Jones -  Time Machine
Jeff Dunham (multiple show)
Mo Amer - The Vagabond (Kuwaiti-American)
Maz Jobrani (Iranian-American)
Anjelah Johnson (Mexican-American)
Cristela Alonzo (Mexican-American)
Fortune Feimster - Sweet and Salty (From Charlotte, NC) Woot! Woot!
Gina Yashere (British) (multiple show)
Kavin Jay - Everybody Calm Down (Malaysian / Singapore)
Nate Bargatze - The Tennessee Kid
Jo Koy (Filipino-American) (multiple show)
Russell Peters (India-Canadian) (Multiple show)

Comedy and Chick Flick
Falling Inn Love
Kate and Leopold 
The Last Tango in Halifax (British)
Kim's Convenience 
Fallet  (British)
When Calls the Heart
Call the Midwife (British)
100% Hotter - British (extreme makeover)
Magic for Humans
Virgin River

For my Filipino friends
You're in luck! There are a few Filipino movies to watch there as well. I've watch 'em all. Just search for it since it is not outright included in the featured category carousel on the home screen.

Search term: Filipino

Up next: 
Prime Video hotlist. Stay tuned. 


** Let me know what you think of these shows. Hope you enjoyed them!
** Yes, I've watched every single one of them, because I can (and I have the time). I also loved most of them. 
** Comedian with "multiple show" next to their name means there is more than one special available of them on Netflix. 
** I also work at home and have a shop on Etsy - check it out and support small biz like me!
** Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
** We're in this together. 


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