March 31, 2020

Surviving the Plague with a Dose of Common Sense and a Grain of Creativity

Scene outside of Costco implementing social distancing due to Covid19 / photo by MaricrisG

So, we're heading into our 3rd week of "house arrest" - don't it feel like that to you? - well, me too. I'm an introvert and shouldn't be bothered with self-isolation, but at this point even an introvert out there I'm pretty sure is already feeling claustrophobic. Have you become best friends with your pantry? Got engaged with your couch? Or got married to your kitchen? Ok, I'm not here to judge. But please, go easy on the muffins! That's me yelling at you...and at myself. You know someone's got to because my weighing scale obviously won't.

Anyway, no denying. This Covid-19 pandemic is badass! And if you're not freaking out now, you're probably from outer space. You extroverts must be getting the worst brunt of it. Has it driven you up the wall yet? Poor thing. I feel your pain. At home with kids? I double, triple, feel your pain. I'll drink more Margarita in your behalf and eat more muffins, because I can. What else is there to do, right? We're in this together.

It's no joke though that we literally have a deadly executioner prowling the streets and after our pretty heads. And yet some people pretend like there's none of that at all. What's wrong with these idjits? They're like, "I'm having none of that nonsense. I'll go lick products at the store." Or, "I'll go hold a large Sunday service." If only common sense was a medicine. A lot of people out there apparently, need to take one, stat.

So, what's helping you? Me. I watch a lot of shows on my Roku. I run. I walk. I eat. I forget to eat. I sometimes go around in circles - but only because I dance in my living room and don't have enough space. I sneeze - a lot. I itch a lot - my eyes, silly. Thanks Pollen. But I also did some other things that you can also do. Check below:

Keeping up with Marie Kondo  
I never knew organizing my closet and drawers would be a divine blessing. I can't believe I finally found the shirt I was looking for in ages! And yes, my socks, who have been estranged or divorced from their partners for what I thought was for eternity, had managed to reconcile and are happily back together. Yass!

Walk the dog, Walk the Family 
Make it a family affair. My neighborhood have always been very quiet. Save for some residents, who on occasions, would walk their dogs around the community. If I knew better, I'd say, my neighborhood is void of kids. Well, that is until last week. Every child, aged baby to teens, came out of the woodwork and paraded down our streets with their respective parents and dogs. At least, the whole family's getting an exercise! And they're down with one, or two, less bored child in the house. Now that's a win! I also know now that they DO exist. Imagine that... 

Redecorate your living spaces
Staring at the same 4 corners of your house, day in and day out, and looking at the same old, same old decors, can become a bit too much. It did for me. So, I updated my walls with new decorative frames from Hobby Lobby I ordered online. Then brightened my corners with new indoor plants I bought from Lowe's and added rustic, farm house tea light holders for a touch of coziness. It is especially calming during annoying days when you feel like escaping! Ok, now that I'm staring at it, I think I'll replace the curtains next... 

Homegrown peppers in my backyard / photo by MaricrisG

Build a garden
Nothing more than ever than this time as the best time to grow your own crops. Don't you agree? With the fear and paranoia of everything getting contaminated with the virus, I think it's safe to say that growing essential vegetables for your personal consumption is the top order of the day! I'm growing more peppers this year because I'm that person. Spicy is life! Right, Jose' Jalapeno?
No available plot of land? No problem. You can grow them in pots. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber like me, you can find affordable large garden pots to start you off like this one  or this one

Jump start or finish a home project 
If you're like me and my household, we have tons of unfinished and to-do-list home projects that we can't find time for. Now, that we're stuck at home, we have no excuse to not do it. None... That goes for you. 

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. 
Yes...exercise. I can hear you screaming at me now! Now, don't hate. Didn't you always wanted to establish a regular workout routine? Now, is the time. To be honest, I hate exercise and it sure hates me too. Just ask my sarcastic scale! Also, exercise don't need to be brutal. You can start with an easy walk around your neighborhood and progress to power walking or running from there. Or, you can take this as a chance to walk with your SO and bond over it. I heard it's cheaper than therapy.
Not a big fan of the outdoors? Dancing can be a great option. I prefer Just Dance and Body Groove and Fit 30 core workouts on Roku apps for supplemental exercise.

Reconnect with Family 
Social distancing might be in place but if there is anything good that came out of all this tragedy, it's that, it brought families together. Families are talking and keeping in touch with each other more. Family members who have not spoken to each other in years are now talking (hands raised). And thanks to free social media apps with video conferencing, families are given the opportunity to easily reach out, check on each other out and see each other even if it was only through the lens of a camera. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and give your sister a call now. 
Apps with video conferencing capability: Free and Paid versions available
Facebook Messenger
Instagram Message
Google meet

Update your blog
You're seeing the result in real time! I'm obviously heeding my own advice. Yay me! As you can see, I haven't blog in ages ( life got in the way, what else is new? ). And since I'm indefinitely marooned in the home for the time being. Why not give my blog a go, right?  The cobwebs and dust bunnies are getting out of hand so a bit of housekeeping is actually good. If you're a blogger, you know that this platform is a powerful medium for sharing useful ideas and telling our personal experiences. It's in that same token that I hope it will be a conduit in helping us weather this difficult and scary time together. So, go on and update your blog, why don't you?

My checklist of other logical things you could be doing now and more: 
  • Don't Panic!
  • Wash your car (pollen season is brutal)
  • Clean and organize your garage (we all have THAT garage)
  • Clean and sanitize your house (more so than ever)
  • Clean your kitchen
  • Wash the dishes (timely, this time)
  • Have your kids clean their room (good luck on this one)
  • Catch up on Laundry 
  • Fold the laundry
  • Start a new novel or finish reading a book
  • Write that book or novel 
  • Do some crafts, alone or with the kiddos
  • Finish a 1000 puzzle with the family
  • Watch a TV/movie marathon on Netflix or Prime Video
  • Play game nights or days with the family
  • Set up date nights on the patio, deck or your home office
  • Print out coloring sheets for the little ones and not-so-little ones
  • Order groceries online
  • Order food online ( help save small biz )
  • Mow your lawn
  • Clean and paint your deck
  • Paint your front door railings (if you have a rusty one)
  • Relax! 
  • Meditate
  • Netflix party with your friends 
  • Watch live streaming from your favorite organizations or institutions:

Discovery Place Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium Live webcam
Explore Live webcams ( Aurora Borealis anyone? )

Check your local zoo for live webcams. Most zoo are broadcasting live. 

What's your Silver Lining?
A friend once asked on his social media platform what was everyone's silver lining amid this pandemic, and my immediate thought was this: 
"The opportunity to sleep in and not stress about what food to cook for my daughter's lunch food to bring to school everyday"
No guilt. No shame saying that. My stress level have dramatically gone down. I'm not a morning person at all, and only those who are the same, can truly symphatize with me. With this reprieve, I'm calmer, relaxed every waking morning, and best of all, I've been able to catch up on much-needed sleep. Can I say, I'm lovin' it!? Yes I do. But it's weird. Have you ever had that glorious feeling yet it feels so foreign at the same time? Yes that.

However, you know what scares me? The thought of going back to normal schedule. Wouldn't you too? I just know that I'll be kicking and screaming like a cornered animal wanting my freedom back when we transition to "normal life". That's scary... 

Will you do me a favor and tell me your story?
If you have a link to a blog post about your personal experiences or tips on surviving Covid-19 and ways to stay motivated while in this current predicament, please feel free to leave them in the comments section so we can come visit your blog and love on you. 

And please, don't be a moron. Stay home. Stay Safe. Stay healthy.


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