October 19, 2017

5 Myths We Busted At Scarowinds

In the Carolinas, Scarowinds is the ultimate Halloween fun destination where every year, people flock to the park to partake in its yearly transformation from a theme park to a "scream park". However, that wasn't the case for me and my family. For a little scream-worthy confession, I will tell you that for years, we avoided it like a plague - this I'm totally blaming the "chickens" for! Yes, you know, them chickens. Those that instill their fear on you. I bet you know a few of them too.

Now before you go all Judge-y, judge-y with us and the level of our scare meter, you should know that we do love scary schtuffs too. A lot. But, back then, we also have a valid reason for not going, AKA my child was too young and we were afraid there were nothing fun for us there at all. Talk about being misinformed! Then there's the, we kinda, sorta, you know, lost track and kept missing it every year... But, not this year! - oh boy! We missed out on a lot...darn chickens! 

So, finally we busted all the myths the chickens led us to believe:

Myth #1. You'll be Scared to Death 

Do I look scared in that picture? Nah. Myth totally busted.
The truth is, I had so much fun. Way too much fun if I say so myself. In my opinion, the "monsters" are actually very "friendly". They hover, stare and walk by you or follow you around. And get this, they're not allowed to touch you. That's a top protocol. However, they're pretty much allowed to "scare" you. That's what they're for.  It's Scarowinds afer all. As for me, if anything, I think I scared them more because I was like a little child who was very fascinated with them and would follow them back if they do so first!

Tip: If you're one who scares easily and would rather not get scared, or have younger kids with you, I highly suggest purchasing the "No-Boo" light-up necklace. See picture above. 
Myth #2. No place for wholesome family fun
Believing that Scarowinds is all about the scare and the scary, we were convinced wholesome family fun was out of the question. As we recently discovered, that wasn't the case at all! This one's totally busted. 

As we discovered, there is enough non-scary stuffs for the whole family to enjoy!
The park offers three exciting shows that run simultaneously every hour:

Skeleton Crew An instant family favorite. This show features acrobatic and cirque-like performances. The three skeleton act at the end of the show is a must-see! The stage is also walking distance to Starbucks. A huge plus!

Blood Drums - Located above the blood yard, this attraction features upbeat music produced by the dance-inducing sounds of drums and repercussions combined with other unique instruments which you just got to see and listen to! Its roaring beats will surely make you dance a step or two! I personally enjoyed this one. 

Rocktoberfest - "Child" of the 70's and 80's will get a great music kick out of this performance. It will leave you feeling like a rockstar! However, I will not recommend this to those who can't withstand really loud music. Located inside Harmony Hall.
Tip: To make the most out of these three shows, sync your time and location at every hour so you can watch all three in succession. They're relatively close to each other.  

Myth #3. Only for Horror - Loving Folks
This is not true at all. Take it from me. However, it IS for the brave folks AKA people who don't mind a little, or a lot of spook!, the adventurous, and most of all, them folks who are totally open to some good, spooky, fun experience! Now it's not to say that the effects, scenery and occasional run-ins with ghouls, vampires and scary looking monsters would feel like stepping into your worst nightmare, but hey, that's just half of the tons of fun you'll get at Scarowinds. The thing is, you have to be there to see what all the hype is all about and hopefully, enjoy it!
Tip: There is no age requirement to enter the event which means, it's open to anyone, and all ages! I saw toddlers and babies in strollers. If they can do it, you can as well!

Myth #4. Boring
If you call hearing blood-curling screams every freakin' minute and seeing lots of fun action every hour to the hour, boring, then there's something wrong with you. In my personal experience, just being in the crowded park and seeing all the buzz was anything but boring. There's a lot to see and a lot to go to, eat, drink and be merry. What more can you ask for?
Tip: If you're one of those laid-back "party people" and prefer a mild-shock, stick with the shows I mentioned above. Otherwise, there are other scary attractions for the more "adventurous types" like Depths of Darkness. 

Myth #5. Not suitable for young kids 
I'll add my own personal disclaimer here: Not suitable for young kids and adults who are chickens! Seriously, if a little "boo" here and there would totally freak you out then I'd say stay home. You simply won't enjoy Scarowinds, I don't think. I saw toddlers and young kids as much as adults so there. Busted.  
Tip: All the game shops are open, rides are open, possibilities are endless. You just have to find the one that gives you and your little ones the most fun. Try your hands on Plants Vs. Zombies. I guarantee you, your whole family will have fun. 

As for us, we are definitely going back! Count on it. 
We're officially hooked. 

Note: As of this visit, Planet snoopy was closed. However, County Fair was open.

Editor's Top tip: To make the most out of your visit and time, I highly recommend arriving at the park early. If you are there during the day, I suggest staying until parks re-open for Scarowinds. Or grab a quick dinner somewhere and go back and wait. Don't be like us. We spent most of our time stuck in "Carowinds traffic" on the highway on our way to the park. We've learned our lesson and will be smarter next time for sure! Also, park closest to the road leading to the exit and enter through the south gate. You'll thank yourself for it when everyone does a mass exodus! 

Scarowinds is available until October 29. Check their event calendar for hours and dates for Bring-A-Friend.

Disclaimer: I'm a long-time Carowinds season passholder and currently an official Caro-blogger for Carowinds. This post is part of the program but all opinions are mine, unless otherwise stated.


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